15 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

15 Ways to Make Money with Your Website:

I have come across many articles that talk about making money from websites, but most of the articles are not very comprehensive as some of the links provided by the articles do not work. Since these articles provide outdated information, in this article I will do my best to provide the most accurate information on how to make money using websites. Before reading this article, I want you to define your mindset correctly. Keep in mind that this is an article to talk about ways to make money from websites or blogs, it is not “how to make more money with a website “. I’m going to talk about ways to monetize your websites or blogs and not how to improve your website performance.

Top 15 Ways To Make Money From Websites Or Blogs

I have done my best to summarize 15 Ways to Make Money From Websites in this article. I will continue to add more information in the future when there are new ways to monetize a site or blog.

1. PPC advertising

Most of us make money using this method. This method is pay per click monetization methods on our sites. When people click on ads, you make money. If no ads clicks, you don’t earn any money. This is the most classic way to monetize your site or blog.

In using PPC advertising, the most important criteria for making money from it is to get lots of high quality traffic or visitors to our websites or blogs. PPC performance on our websites or blogs is based on click-through rate (CTR). The higher the CTR, the better the performance of your PPC ads on your site. Find out how to improve the CTR of AdSense ads.

Popular PPC Advertising Network:

Google adsense




I am paid by Google AdSense more than 7 times and I am also paid by Bidvertiser. So far this way of making money from a website has been slow but steady.

2. CPM Advertising – The Way To Make Money Using The Number Of Page Impressions

CPM advertising is the least used method of monetizing a website or blog. This method helps webmasters or bloggers earn money based on the number of page impressions generated on the ads. This means that the more page views a website has, the more money that website can earn. CPM advertising is suitable for high traffic sites such as forums.

CPM stands for cost per mile, which refers to the cost per 1,000 impressions. So a blog that gets 500,000 pageviews per month can generate $ 500.00 per month for a CPM ad of $ 1.00.

Some of the popular CPM ad networks are:

Burst media

Casale Media

Tribal fusion

The downside to making money with CPM ads is that they require your site to get very high traffic, otherwise they won’t approve your publisher application.

3. Sell Banner Adspace – A Difficult But Profitable Way To Monetize Your Websites Or Blogs

It is the most lucrative way to make money with your website, but it is not easy to get an advertiser unless your website is very popular. The best websites make a lot of money using this method. Ad space can be divided into multiple sizes, but the most common size is 250 x 250 ads, 300 x 250 ads, and 728 x 90 ads.

I tried selling ad space on my blog, but it doesn’t work. Maybe my blog is still not that popular. If your blog or websites have between 500 and 1000 per day, this can be a good place to start selling ad space on your site.

Some of the popular sites for selling advertising space:



4. RSS Feed Ads – Hidden Money Makes Potential For Website

Most websites or blogs already have RSS feeds because for my blog here I have over 3000 subscribers which is great as I can place RSS Feed ads on my feed to earn extra income. Most of us use FeedBurner and because FeedBurner is so popular, most RSS Feed Ads networks allow users to monetize their feed. Bidvertiser is a good place to start because it’s straightforward and it pays users based on CPC. This means that when the ads are clicked, you get paid. Unlike other networks, they only offer CPM-based RSS feed ads, which is not as profitable.

Some of the good sites for making money thanks to the RSS feed:



5. Paid forum – Do you own a forum? Monetize it using the private section

Ok, if you have a forum and have a large number of active users in your forum, maybe it is time to create a VIP section in your forum. By having this VIP section, you can charge your users who want to enjoy a special private section or you can charge them for upgrading their membership.

Upgrading membership is the common way people use to make money from their forums. They give VIP members special features like the ability to place classifieds, sell e-books, etc.

Some of the forum software:



Simple machines forum

6. Job Board – Charge money for people who post jobs on your site / blog

Some blogs or websites have a job board where people can post their work to be shown to visitors to that site. It’s a great way for people to outsource their work to a larger audience. So, taking this advantage into account, bloggers and webmasters who have a large number of visitors can charge a small amount of fees per post. It’s a great source of income where I’m still learning how to do it right. If you want to search for work from home, you can go to the “Work from home” section to find out more.

7. Sell and Rent Internal Pages – A Quick Way to Make Money

I have found some great sites that get big income from their websites. They sell part of their site for money. One of the sites is MillionDollarWiki which sells the pages for $ 100.00 each. Buyers can add content to the pages and then resell the pages for a higher price. I think the site owner has made millions using this simple idea. Another site is MillionDollarHomePage which sells pixels. The owner is now a millionaire because his site is sold out.

8. Donation – Getting a donation for readers, not easy though

It’s hard. Wanting people to donate to you is harder than you might imagine. Donation works best on the site for personal development and on the site for helping others. If your site is all about making money or making money, then at 99.9% you can’t even get a single donation.

9. InText Advertising – Promote Your Content

InText advertising is the method that converts words in your content into links. When people click on the links, you make money. This method is more and more popular because it engages more users and gets clicks more easily. This prompts publishers to monetize websites or blogs using InText advertising.

Popular Intext Advertising Network:




10. Buy and Sell Website – Create Value and Sell for Money

Lots of people do website flipping. the idea of website flipping is to build a website from scratch, create value for the site and finally sell it. There are people who earn millions by flipping through websites. One of the best website buying and selling is called Flippa.com. It’s a great site for buying and selling websites. The bad thing about website flipping is that you build the site, but when the site is finally successful, you sell it. For me, I don’t feel happy doing this because all of my efforts are gone and others are reaping the rewards.

11. Selling e-books on the website – Selling digital products

Selling eBooks is another way to create another additional income stream for your blog or site. It depends on the quality of your ebook. If you put in a lot of effort and put in a lot of valuable information. Then you can sell it for a higher price to earn more money. Try not to sell low quality e-books at high prices as it will damage your reputation and your visitors will not come back for more.

12. Sale of hardcover books – Print your eBook and sell it as physical products

Some people go as far as they print their ebooks and sell as a physical product. Some customers like hardcover books because they want to feel like they’re holding the book in their hand and reading it. Personally, I prefer physical books to e-books because I don’t like read books on a screen.

Some of the sites for editing and self-publishing:




13. Selling Templates and Design – Can we do this for the Blogger blog?

Well I have yet to find a site selling templates and designs for Blogger blog, but I have seen a lot of sites selling templates for WordPress sites. If you want to sell website templates and designs, I think you should venture into wordpress templates and designs as the market is bigger and the income can be very attractive.

Some sites where you can sell models:

Unique blog design

Monster model

14. Sell vector graphics on the website – Good for graphic designers, not for me.

I notice that some people are creating a website to display their designs and vector graphics. Vector graphics are images that can be resized to different sizes (large or small size will not affect the quality of vector graphics). It’s not my cup of tea because I’m not good at graphics. If you already have a lot of vector graphics, it’s not a bad idea to create a site to promote your work.

15. Sell physical products on your site – Physical products? What about the shipment?

Selling physical products on the website is not very popular, but there are people who make huge income from it. Both sites are great for making money and you don’t have to worry about shipping as the sites will take care of it. One of the examples of sites generating huge income using physical products is DigitalRev.com. From what I understand they are using the Amazon widget on their site and the sales are generating big income for them.

So, do you have any idea of these 15 ways to make money from websites? Hope some of the methods presented here are helpful and allow you to earn money from your site. If you are starting a new site, maybe you can start using some of the methods here to generate more money.

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