(a) differentiate between epidermis and cork cells

Q- (a) Differentiate between epidermal and cork cells.

(b) Why are they called protective tissue?

Answer- (a) Epidermal cells:

1. Epidermal cells are modified living parenchymal cells.

2. Epidermal cells become barrel-shaped and compactly arranged to form epidermis of all the organs of the plant body.

3. Epidermal cells have a cell wall that is deposited with cuticle.

Cork cells:

1. Cork cells are found only in stem of woody trees and dead cells.

2. Cork cells become cubical-shaped and compactly arranged.

3. Cork cells have a cell wall that is deposited with suberin.

 (b) Both Epidermal cells and Cork cells are called as protective tissue because the cork cell is the outer layer of trees or plant that help in providing protection to them. They are also responsible for transpiration and prevent entry of germs.

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