(a) Mention the location of parenchyma tissue (b) how is it modified in aquatic plants

Q- (a) Mention the location of parenchymal tissue. 

(b) How is it modified in aquatic plants?

(c) What are the other functions that it performs?

Answer- (a) The parenchyma tissue of plant are generally located in softer parts of the plant such as epidermis, cortex, endodermis, pericycle, pith e.t.c. . The parenchymal cells are thin walled living, no pitted and without intercellular space. These tissues have cell wall made up of cellulose.

Parenchyma tissues are mainly responsible for storage and packaging in plant.

(b) In aquatic animals the parenchymal tissues are in form of aerencyma. Aerenchyma tissues have special type of permanent tissue which provides buoyancy to hydrophytic plants.

(c) Parenchyma plats several important role or performs several important functions in the plant. Some of the main functions of parenchyma are as follows:

1. Parenchyma helps in the stporage of food.

2. It provides support to the stem of herbaceous plants.

3. Parenchyma provides mesophyll in the process of food making in plant leaf (through the process of photosynthesis). 

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