(a) what is Neuron? draw a labelled diagram of neuron

Q- (a) What is Neuron? Draw a labeled diagram of neuron.

(b) Differentiate between Axon and Dendron.

(c) What is function of Nissl’s granules?

(a) Neuron is the structural and functional or basic unit of Brain. It forms the brain. Neuron or nerve cells are responsible for several metabolic functioning in the body. 

Easy way to draw labeled diagram of Neuron:

 (b) Axon:

1. Axon is long sized and cylindrical body.

2. Axon is always single. 

3. Axon is generally branched but sometime they not branched.

4. Axon always conducts nerve impulse away from cyton.


1. Dendron is small sized and tapering body.

2. Dendron is generally single but sometime it may not be single. 

3. Dendron is always branched.

4. Dendron always conducts nerve impulse towards cyton.

(c) Nissl’s granules are present in neuroplasm of cell body. Nissl’s granules are responsible for protein synthesis in. It is the site of protein synthesis.

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