AdvertiseSpace – Sell Spaces On Your Blog To Make Money With Blogging

AdvertiseSpace – Sell Spaces On Your Blog To Make Money With Blogging:

Blogging for cash has been around for years and the fact that most bloggers use contextual advertising like Google AdSense, Chitika Ads, ContextWeb etc. is due to its simple and easy implementation. Most bloggers have overlooked another source of income that they can create for their blog which is the empty spaces on their blogs which can be turned into another source of income which is as easy as implementing advertising contextual.

In this article, I am going to share with you one of the popular sites for selling your blog empty spaces and making money from your blog. The site I’m going to share with you is called Make Money Blogging By Selling Advertising Space

Most of us don’t know there is a site called This is because is fairly new to the advertising space sales industry compared to other famous sites such as

Similar to, allows blog publishers to create ad space and place the space for sale on offers better benefits and flexibility over

Benefits of using

Sell ​​ad space the way you want (no minimum traffic requirement)

You can run competing ads through another ad network

You can choose the size of the ads you like and place the amount you want to charge.

Stable income of 70% non-fluctuating income

You can include your ads in the IMPACT network to gain visibility

Unsold advertising space is promoted on the IMPACT network and appears in front of advertisers

Similar to all other ad networks, is simple to set up and you can start making money in minutes as long as your ad spaces are sold.

What I like most about

Personally, I like because of its simple interface and ease of installation. Since begins to tighten its rules by requiring minimum site traffic, is becoming my new source of income to generate more income from my blog.

You can try using, it might be your next blog income site.a

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