Best mobiles under 18000

Best mobiles under 18000

Now a days there are many upcoming brands and companies of phone which launch best mobiles under 18000 Rs. With flagship features, expensive mobiles are much interesting with many interesting feature like cameras, full HD+ display, punch hold selfie cameras or dual selfie cameras, you can also get a large battery or many other support like android 10 and finger print sensor but you can get these all features in just a small amount like under or near 18000 budget because many mobile companies are launching best mobiles under 18000 with all these features which you can buy today because they have such a low cost.

Best mobiles under 18000
Best mobiles under 18000

Before buying mobiles you have to select or make a list of the specific function or all these functions which you want in your new mobile like if you want mobile for improving gaming experience so for that you need better quality processor, high refresh rate, a big battery and larger storage and if you need mobile for photography so that you need best camera as well as selfie camera so that you can maintain you face smoothness as well as improve your photo and video quality and if you want budget mobile with all features and malfunction then you can buy any of them after know all of these functions as well as prices.

There are also high demanded and recently launched mobile which you can buy today all have multifunction as well as big batter, camera, a large storage, better refresh rate and processor, our article include many trusted brands like Samsung, Motorola etc.


So look at these mobiles:-


Samsung Galaxy M31:-

Samsung Galaxy M31 is one of the best mobile under 18000 because in this mobile you will get many important features like a big battery and good cameras in Samsung Galaxy M31 you will get the big display of 6.4 Inch and high resolution give you better video experience due to big display you will get not only better video experience but also you can play games bitterly.

Samsung Galaxy M31 also offers you good quality cameras in which you will get 32 MP front camera which can enhance your photos quality in it you will get high detailing photos and at back you will get 64 MP Quad camera due to which you can click good quality and high detailing photos and also shoot better quality videos and not only camera Samsung Galaxy M31 will also give you a big RAM of 6GB in which you can play heavy games like free fire and Call Of Duty very easily and smoothly without any lagging due to high space in RAM you will get sufficient storing capacity and you will also get a big battery6 of 6000mAh which is very high capacity battery due to which you can play games or watch videos in it without charging for a long time this will become much time saving for yo0u because you have to invest your much time in charging your mobile battery otherwise we have to carry a power bank with us but in this phone and due to 6000mAh battery you can play games for a long time and you also don’t need to carry any power bank.


Best mobiles under 18000
Best mobiles under 18000

Feature of Samsung Galaxy M31:-


· Display:- 6.4 Inch

· Battery:- 6000mAh battery

· RAM:- 6GB

· Performance:- decent performance

· Camera:- 32 MP front camera and at back 64 MP Quad camera


Realme pro 5:-

In Realme pro 5 you will get 6.3 Inch big display with high resolution and there are also many other features which take this Smartphone in the list of best mobile under 18000 not only display it satisfy you in many other features and you can also imagine it as one of the best Smartphone under 18000 in Realme pro 5 you will get 128 GB ROM and 8GB RAM which is the best and big storage under 18000 mobile due to such a big storage capacity you can play heavy games like free fire and call of duty very easily and without any lagging this will enhance your gaming experience and also you can store much things in this phone due to big storage.

As everyone know camera is the main feature in any mobile all of us need best quality camera in our mobile to get good detailing and clear photos and to satisfy this need Realme pro 5 comes with 16 MP front camera and 48 MP Al Quad camera due to which you can click a good quality photos and also shoot very clear and high quality videos with full of detailing.

For regulating and processing your games or other works fast Realme pro 5 provide you Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor which is one of the best gaming processor due to which you can play heavy games very easily and without lagging.

You will also get the big battery of 4035 mAh due to which you don’t need to charge you’re mobile again and again.


Best mobiles under 18000
Best mobiles under 18000

Features of Realme pro 5:- 

· Display:- 6.3 Inch

· Storage:- 128 GB ROM and 8GB RAM

· Camera:- 16 MP front camera and 48 MP Al Quad camera

· Battery:- 4035 mAh

· Processor:- Qualcomm Snapdragon 712

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