Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident lawyers

Head-on collisions create a high risk of death and serious injury. As Orlando car accident lawyers, we hear horrible stories in the wake of these accident allegations. Often times, these auto wrecks occur late at night or early in the morning when drivers are tired or have been drinking. When alcohol and fatigue interfere with a motorist’s ability, their vehicle can easily drift on the road. Recently, a teenage girl going on a mission to the Dominican Republic never had the opportunity to do what she loved. Tragically, a drunk female driver traveling on the wrong side of the highway crashed into her small passenger vehicle. On impact, her car caught fire and she never did.

car accident lawyers

Airbags can often reduce the incidence of fatal auto crashes. Depending on the speed of the two vehicles, lives can be saved. Often there is little warning that another driver is going to cross the road, and innocent motorists have little ability to maneuver out of danger. New generation efficient airbags are therefore an essential part of motor vehicle safety. This is because even when an unsuspecting driver observes an erratically approaching car or truck, the reaction time may be insufficient. Of course, even when a driver’s reaction time is sufficient, the question arises: in which direction should you turn?


Defensive driving experts have focused on the best tactics when a driver has time to react to a vehicle heading their way. When there is a warning, a driver must decide whether to turn right, towards the side of the road; or, turn left, moving to the opposite side of the road. It is clear that the greatest danger is crossing the road and risking running into other vehicles. In addition, the driver at fault may realize that he or she has crossed the center line and is backing up at the last moment. The safest course is therefore to move to the right and leave the road in the event of a direct frontal collision.

car accident lawyers

When working with law enforcement and crash rebuilders, experience shows that it is safer to stay on the side of the road and turn away from any oncoming motor vehicle. Eliminating the risk of hitting the approaching driver who may roll over to their side of the road is an important factor. Unfortunately, the facts of another case support these experts. A middle-aged man was walking home after a late shift. He was driving on a two-lane road when another vehicle approached him. Instead of turning the victim to the right, post-crash evidence and skid marks revealed he had crossed the road. This elusive action unfortunately ended in tragedy.


When head-on car crashes occur, the damage is extensive and often crippling. The injury is serious and can be fatal. Clients often require emergency treatment at the scene of the accident and must be transported to local hospitals. When the immediate shock passes, there is a lot to deal with and this is where we can help. Having dealt with serious auto accident cases for over twenty years, we bring immediate peace of mind to accident victims and their families.

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