Content Curation – How To Make Money With Chaos

Content Curation – How To Make Money With Chaos:

Content curation has a huge impact on how we view, write, and review content online. Before Google makes a massive move to straighten out the web by getting rid of irrelevant spam content, the need to stack content in the right boxes so that even your 90-year-old grandma can find it is of importance. capital for all of us.

Today’s content curators, if they’re brave enough to become tomorrow’s thought leaders, will do it big online in the years to come.

In my opinion, making money online has never been so obvious. You couldn’t make it more obvious than if you put a sign 100 feet in front of a person’s face with a big pile of money and a bubble on it.

So what is content curation?

Rather than adding to the piles of original content posted every second on the Internet, the Curator searches for, collects and chooses the best content on a specific topic. He or she then provides the context and meaning of this information.

The curator becomes a voice of reason in this chaotic content space, providing insights and then organizing other people’s written work into something more easily readable.

In other words, let’s say someone writes a 1000 word article about toy trains. It may only have 4 main key points, but it may take 1000 words to say them.

You the content curator then comes in and you find the most relevant parts of the content. You now rewrite the person’s 4 points in a 400 word summary, then add your comments at the end and invite others to comment by sharing it with your readers.

Content curation
Content curation

It could be a blog post or some other form of information sharing vehicle like a video.

So now you keep doing that. Your Toy Train Blog now organizes the work of many other Toy Train content writers. Before you know it your site is becoming an authority in the eyes of Google on toy trains, your blog ranks higher because they see you as an authority, you can see where I’m going with it all. Content is king, yes, but curated content is a thinner version of the fat king! ..

We’re all curators of ghost content, we just don’t know that. We write, we are influenced, we fold other people’s words and paragraphs into our own. Content curation is NOT about copying other people’s work, but reworking other people’s content and linking to them as the source.

Think for a moment about Pinterest, the content sharing site, we share other people’s work and then comment, it’s a form of content curation.

Content Curation – What Benefits Are There For You?

For some reason, a lot of people don’t like to create content. Some people are momentarily amazed at the thought of putting their words on paper. This is quite common and understandable because we all have different talents, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, the content curator’s pandora box just opened and now it is more and more famous, anyone can rework other people’s content in their own readable style, the original content writer wins high the main because it is then credited and linked, you earn as you will never have to create your own original content again (unless you want to).

A good example of successful content curation is The Huffington Post, a content news website recently sold to AOL for $ 315 million.

To sum up: content curation seems on its way to becoming one of the greatest online money makers of all time, the way we view content is changing all the time, but the need to view content in a way simple and straightforward will never change.

People want an easy life, they don’t want to browse a million websites just to find out why their cat keeps sneezing. Big prizes will be awarded to people who make life easier for others by presenting quality information that is easy to find in one place.

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