Define Health

Q- Define Health

Answer – Health is a state of being socially well, mentally fine, and physically strong with the absence of infirmity or diseases. A person is healthy when he is socially well, mentally good, and physically strong.

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What is my definition of health?

The meaning of health has evolved over time. One of the most common examples of the definition of health is given above. While this definition has been welcomed by some as innovative, it has also been criticized as vague, overly broad, and has not been interpreted as measurable. For a long time, it was sidelined as an unachievable ideal, and most health talk has reverted to the practicality of the biomedical model.

What is health class 9?

Health is a condition socially well, intellectually fine, and genuinely impressive with the shortfall of illness or sicknesses. An individual is sound when he is socially well, intellectually great, and truly impressive.

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