Describe the journey of river Ganga in India and which rivers join it in route

Q- Describe the journey of river Ganga in India and which river join it in an route?

Answer- Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India. The river Ganga originates from the Devprayag when two major rivers Bhagirathi which originate from the Gangotri glacier and Alaknanda that originate from mountains. These two rivers meet at Devprayag so they form the Ganga river. This is the origination of the river Ganga. Ganga river enters the plain in Haridwar and started doing the job of transportation and deposition. The major Himalayan river which joins Ganga are Yamuna, Ghaghra, the Gandak and the Kosi. The Yamuna river flows parallel to the Ganga as a right bank tributaries meet the Ganga at Allahabad. The tributaries which join Ganga from peninsular uplands are Chambal, the Betwa, and the Son.

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In the below paragraphs we would like to tell you about the holy river Ganga in a little detail. So, in case you are interested in reading about it. So, you should pay your full attention and concentration in reading about it.

The Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India. It is also the transboundary river in Asia. The River Ganges flows mainly from two countries: India and Bangladesh. Most of the Indian people worship the river Ganga because the river Ganga is a goddess on the basis of Indian people’s tradition. The river Gange originates from the mixing of two rivers that are the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi in Devprayag. The average length of River Ganga is about 2523 kilometers. When we talk about the origin of the river Ganga so it is very necessary for us to know about how the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers form. So, according to geographical researchers, the Bhagirathi river originates from a very popular glacier that is the Gangotri glacier in Gomukh, and the Alaknanda river formes through the melting of snow of Northern Himalayas. The River Ganga enters the plains in Haridwar that is also a holy place for all people who follow the Hindu Religion.

There are many small streams in India that join Ganga there are six headstreams called Bhagirathi, Dhauliganga, Pindar, Nandakini, Mandakini, and Alaknanda they are together known as the Panch Prayag. Ganga river after traveling 256.90 kilometers through its narrow Himalayan valley. It gets emerges from the mountains at Rishikesh after covering many places Ganga starts flowing east and meets the 400-kilometer large Tamsa river after that Gomti river joins south from the Himalayas.

Ganga is one of the most important water sources for India because it is a very big water body that covers multiple villages as well as cities. Many farmers use the water of the Ganga river for irrigation purposes as well as it is also rich in fish due to which multiple livelihoods depend upon the Ganga river. Ganga river is also a source of income for multiple families as some people use to sell plastic containers in Haridwar near Ganga to carry the water of Ganga because Ganga river is also a tourist place and also a religious place for people belonging to religion (Hindus).

Many people also sell street food near the Ganga river for the tourists and visitors visiting Ganga through which they fulfill their living needs it is a great source of income for those people.

Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India which contains multiple tributaries as well as sub – tributaries some of the tributaries of the river Ganga are given below.-

  • Gomti
  • Raganga
  • Yamuna
  • Ghagra
  • Burhi Gandak
  • The Son
  • Kosi
  • Mahananda

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