Differences between blood and lymph

Q- Differentiate between blood and lymph.

Answer- Blood:

1. Blood is a red vascular tissue.

2. Blood flows or occurs in blood vessels.

3. Blood is composed of several components. Such as: erythrocytes, plasma, leucocytes as well as platelets.

4. Blood consists haemoglobin that makes it red in colour. 

5. Blood has more protein, calcium and phosphorus as compared to Lymph.

6. Blood is responsible for transporting various material such as oxygen, nutrients e.t.c. and is also responsible for blood clotting in injured area.


1. Lymph is a white vascular tissue.

2. Lymph flows or occurs in lymph vessels and around the body tissues.

3. Lymph is composed of several components. Such as: plasma and leucocytes.

4. Lymph does not consists haemoglobin that is why it is non-red in colour. 

5. Lymph has less protein, calcium and phosphorus than blood.

6. Lymph works as middle man between blood and body cells.

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