Explain the term ‘unemployment’ in the context of India

Q- Explain the term ‘unemployment’ in the context of India?

Answer- The term unemployment refers to the condition in which a person is in working age and is willing to do work but is not able to get work. This phenomenon or condition is known as unemployment. In India there is a very high number of unemployed. Generally the working age is from 15-59 years and if a person who is between this age group and do not have any job then he or she is called as unemployed. 

Educated unemployed is a very big problem of India as the person who is educated or qualified and has skills for a particular work but do not have any job. This is a very wide range issue of India as there are several people who were educated or skilled but do not have any job.

Some of the main reasons behind the educated unemployed are as follows:

1. Due to law quality or weak in education. The person who is weak in education but is qualified. So in this case he or she would not get job and remains unemployed.

2. The education qualifications are more and demand is less. In this case if the number of person for job are more and job seats or opportunities are less then many people remains unemployed. 

3. Due to weak education system many people are educated but not enough to get jobs.

These all reasons causes educated unemployed in India. The unemployment is very big evil of society as it is the reason behind all the illegal activities, crimes, thefts e.t.c. in the society. The people who do not get work and are unemployed so they had to do these illegal works to earn their livelihood.  

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