Explain why nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another

Q- Explain why nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another.

Answer- The Nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another in search of good and sufficient pasture land for their cattle. As they used to rear their cattle to earn their livelihood. These tribes consist of a group of people who lives in forests together. They usually collect most of the resources from forests in other words they are majorly dependent on forests for all their basic needs. These tribal communities used to follow slash and burn cultivation in which they clear a piece of land by burning trees and started spending some time (usually single season), then they move to another place in search of good pasture and resources.

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Nomadic Tribes

The Nomadic Tribes are groups of people who live in forests together and earn their livelihood from resources available in the forests.

These Tribes are also known as Denotified Tribes which consist of about 60 million people in India, out of which about five million live in the Maharashtra state. There are more than 500 Nomadic Tribes in India.

explain why nomadic tribes need to move from one place to another short answer

During the British rule in India, most of the Nomadic tribes are known as Criminal tribes as they use the resources of forests in India and the British government want to restrict them from doing this so this created a conflict between nomadic tribes and the British government.

In the Colonial period (time period when India was the Colony of Britain) the Britishers used to transport raw materials from India to Britain and they want all the tribal people to leave forests and stop using resources from forests. This leads to a large revolution by tribal people which was against the British government.

The British government passed several acts to restrict the entry of people into forests to avoid cutting down timber trees. In this act, the tribal people were also arrested and punished for using the resources of the forest.

After the Independence of India, this act was repealed by the Government of India in the year 1952. In Maharashtra, the tribal people are not been included in the list of Scheduled Tribes due to several different historical circumstances, but are listed as Scheduled Castes or “Nomadic Tribes”.

The tribes designated as “Denotified”, “Semi-Nomadic” or “Nomadic” are eligible for reservation in India.

The Government of India established the National Commission for De-notified, semi-nomadic and Nomadic tribes in 2005 to study the developmental aspects of such tribes.

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