How a super cool 17-year-old earns $142 a day | Flipping domains

How a super cool 17-year-old earns $ 142 a day | Flipping domains

Today’s very short (but deadly) tip comes from our anonymous 17 year old who is still in school

1) Register a local domain name / owner’s domain name / any name describing a product / service name such as “” or “” Cost = $ 8

2) Send emails to all prospects who might be interested in the names. You can use Google Maps for this purpose or the Yellow Pages.

3) Wait for the emails to arrive and accept your best offer. Determine how much you would like to receive for your name. $ 150 is over 1000 percent back. Let’s say you sell the name for $ 150, Total: $ 150 – $ 8 = $ 142

earn money by domain flipping
Domain flipping

You can easily make this amount every day with just an hour or two of work (signing up, sending emails, checking emails, receiving payment)

$ 142 per day = $ 51,830 per year just by doing this. Not bad but can easily be improved.

You may have heard of this method before, but it is a good method to learn and implement. Personally, I do this part-time (I go to school and I’m only 17) and earn a good income from it.

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