Give the functions of: sclerenchyma, aerenchyma, stomata

Q- Give the functions of:

(1) Sclerenchyma

(2) Aerenchyma

(3) Stomata

Answer- (1) Sclerenchyma:

Sclerenchymal cells are also thick walled. The cells in sclenchyma tissues are dead in nature. The cell wall of sclenchymal cells are formed of lignin or are lignified.

The sclenchyma tissues perform several function but they are primarily responsible for mechanical support. That is why sclenchyma tissues are called as chief mechanical tissue. That is why they enables the plant to resist various strains.

(2) Aerenchyma is the special type of parenchymal tissue present in the hydrophytic plants (the aquatic plants having air-trapping parenchymal tissue). The main significance of aerenchyma are to help them to float at the surface of water. 

(3) Stomata is mainly responsible for loss of water in form of vapour or helps in the process of transpiration.

Easy way to draw labelled diagram of Stomata:

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