‘Health is wealth’, is it true? describe the role played by hand in the individual’s working life

Q- ‘Health is Wealth’, is it true? Describe the role played by health in the individual’s working life.

Answer- Yes it is true that ‘Health is Wealth’ because everything is nothing without health. An unhealthy person cannot do work with full potential. Health plays a vital role in the formation of human capital. The health of a person helps him to realise his or her potential and the ability to fight illness. An unhealthy person becomes a liability for an organised indeed. Our government had taken several crucial steps to prevent this condition and improve health care facilities. 

You can understand this case by example:

Suppose a man Ram is working in office with his friend shyam. Ram is educated and healthy on the other hand shyam is weak and unhealthy. Ram is able to do his work with full potential buy shyam always need leave from office as he remains ill half days of a month. In this case shyam cannot do work with full potential and there would be chances of his demotion and due to hard and proper work of ram. Soon he would get promoted. 

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“Health is Wealth” is an old proverb that all of us heard once from our elders. This proverb refers that health is the biggest wealth in your life as without health you cannot gain wealth and stay happy. So, that we can say that health is one f the most crucial wealth in life. Everything is nothing without and health and if you are healthy so you can achieve any task in your life. We should keep in mind that we have to eat healthy and nutritious food to make our body physically, mentally and socially strong.

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