Make money online by setting up your own online store and selling your own products

Make money online by setting up your own online store and selling your own products:

Earn money online by selling personalized products

There are a lot of people who make money online selling physical products. If you don’t know how people make money online selling physical products, you should think about eBay and eBay allows users to sell their products online using the auction system while Amazon sells books and now they involve the sale of other physical products as well as e-books.

eBay and Amazon are very popular, I think most of you reading this article already know how to make money using both sites. I am going to share with you another site called which allows users to make money online by opening online stores, creating custom products and selling it online through online stores.

How To Make Money Online Using

earn money with cafepress

Making money with is not difficult and of course, it is not easy. At, we are currently doing business online. You own the store, you create the designs and sell them for profit.

For example: T-shirt: Cafepress base price 18.00 USD

Your selling price with your custom design: 25.00 USD

Your earnings per sale: $ 7.00

So, for every sale you make on, you earn $ 7.00. You don’t have to worry about the cost of buying the t-shirt and printing your design on it because will do that for you. All you have to do is think of new ideas, create a new design, new products, and make money online.

What Categories Can You Design And Make Money Online From

There are over 250 categories to choose from. You can choose to print your design on a t-shirt, mug, cap, bottles, photos, calendar, teddy bear, personalized clock, pillow and more. Just choose the type of products you want to sell on your store, put your design on it, and display it on your CafePress online store to sell. If you are good at designing, you can also make money by designing logos.

If you want to earn even more money with, you can earn additional bonuses at Check out the bonus payout table above. The more sales you make, the more money you can make with So try to make more designs and create more new products. Make more sales and earn more money.

Attract customers to

Getting customers is not difficult as has created a CafePress Marketplace where all of your products are listed along with other members’ products. So, you don’t have to worry about attracting customers to your store, as your products will attract more visitors to your online store from CafePress Marketplace.

Shipping and handling

Shipping and handling will be handled by All you have to do is open online stores in Cafepress, manage your online stores, create new designs and make money with It’s pretty straightforward.

It’s simple, isn’t it? You can make a lot of money with if your online stores have lots of unique and cute product designs. I created my own online store at but I don’t have time to manage it. If I made any sales, I will show you my commission.

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