State the functions of various corpuscles of human body

Q- State the functions of various corpuscles of human body.

Answer- There are mainly seven types of corpuscles of human body. These are as follows:

1. Red Blood Corpuscles

2. Neutrophils

3. Acidophils and antiallergic

4. Basophils

5. Monocytes

6. Lymphocytes

7. Blood platelets

1. The main function of Red Blood Corpuscles is to help in transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

2. The main functions of Neutrophils is that they act as soldiers and engulf as well as digest the microbes.

3. The main functions of Acidophils and antiallergic is to help in heeling of wounds in body.

4. The main functions of Basophils is to secrete heparin having anticoagulating properties.

5. Monocytes acts as scavengers and remove the damaged and dead cells.

6. The main functions of Lymphocytes is to secrete antibodies to provide immunity.

7. The main functions of Blood platelets is to help in blood clotting. Whenever any external injury occurs in body blood platelets forms a net like structure there and clots the blood of that region to prevent blood scarcity in body due to restless flow of blood in injury.

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