Top 5 internet marketing strategies to perform the pre-sale

Top 5 internet marketing strategies to perform the pre-sale:

On a marketing side, the most important part of it is the presale strategy you are going to follow to increase your chances of having a good campaign.

Let’s start with the concept of “presale”.

The pre-sale phase is considered to be the phase that precedes the sale phase itself. Explained with an example, you could say that the phase is like the negotiation phase on real life. Suppose we go to an open market. We will see a lot of salespeople trying to convince us that their product is better than the rest.

With online marketing, the concept is the same. You’ll want to make one because what would you buy (especially when it comes to shopping online, where you can’t see the product to, at least, guess how good it will be)? A product from a seller who has shown the product to work, delivers what it is supposed to deliver? Or a product that is only on a landing page that even lacks owner information?

I would choose the first option. That’s why I decided to go ahead and write this post.

6 killer strategies to make the presale

This is just based on my own experiences in two different niches. Like everything, it’s not science and I can’t guarantee it will work for you, but yes, there is a good chance it will work.

1) Title: First point. Its very important. There are hundreds of millions of sellers, not just you, which is why you need to gain the attention of others first to stand out and expose your product to the public.

But what can be considered a good title? It’s a little subjective, but something that sums up your product and is eye-catching. Using all caps or exclamations can help. Another tip is to avoid being correct and polite. Does that mean you should use a putty mouth? No, but 99% of the other titles will be okay and almost look like bots, so use something new, new, and different. But remember, something that will not hurt the sensitivity of the readers.

Colors, font sizeā€¦ Everything plays out here. Don’t come across as overly aggressive or desperate.

2) Testimonials: Sad to say, but we humans are like sheep. We follow each other wherever. 90% of humans follow this rule. The remaining 10%, 5% of them will even do it thinking it would be best not to follow, and the remaining 5% will not follow the crowd and take a different path.

That said, something that has been bought by a decent number of people “must” be good, and there’s no better way to show that off to your audience than by posting testimonials to your potential buyers. Sell the product to a small number of people first or you can even give it away for free to get reviews. It’s really worth it.

If you only get negative feedback, do yourself a favor and stop selling the product, send the money back to your buyers and check what’s wrong. Otherwise, you might earn a few dollars, but you will lose your credibility and gain your trust. And these are the two most important factors for being successful online, where confidence cannot be easily found here.

3) Money Back Guarantee: This is really a MUST if you want to increase your sales. Obviously, you’re selling something because you think it’s worth shooting and you can really help your audience. So there is no reason not to add a refund policy.

If it’s your own product just introduce it, if it’s another product (a Clickbank product for example) just make sure it has it, if not is not the case, I recommend that you look for a new product.

The money back guarantee helps to increase the confidence of your buyers.

4) Screenshots: It always comes down to the same point: trust. Humans won’t trust people at first. This is our nature and this is how it works.

Here in Spain we say (poorly translated): if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it.

That’s why I recommend always including screenshots. If you are selling a money-making product, show screenshots of your PayPal / Clickbank / Alertpay account showing that it is really making money.

Just like me. I can’t convince people that my tips work for making money blogging if I don’t show any evidence, which is why I decided to include screenshots of my PayPal account.

Show, show, show!

5) Ebook: writing an eBook on how to use the product, giving exclusive advice and of course giving it away for free will do a double benefit:

1) Will obviously increase your chances of selling the product

2) Use Aweber and help build your mailing list (Credits to John Chow on this one)

The ebook doesn’t have to be long. He just needs to share some useful tips on how to increase the benefits (if possible) of this product.

There are surely a ton of other ideas for doing the pre-sale phase, but these five are the ones I think are the most important now.

Hope this helps and don’t forget to email me or leave a comment (better to leave a comment so people can learn too) and I will get back to you as kindly and quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone for reading and see you soon!

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