what are the merits and demerits of an electoral competition

Q- What are the merits and demerits of electoral competition?

Answer- There are many merits of electoral competition. Some of the major merits of electoral competition are as follows:

1. Due to this people or voters got a chance to choose the best representative or political party whose policies and promises they prefer and whom they thought that will do best for them. 

2. Electoral competition increases the desire of every political party to won the election and this made them to do their best for people to make them satisfy.

3. This makes the election democratic as if there is no electoral competition so this made elections pointless or undemocratic.

With the merits there are some demerits of electoral competition. These are as follows:

1. Due to high electoral competition and low chance of winning elections some political parties started using unfair means or malpractices to win elections.

2. Electoral competition gives birth to a bad feeling of disunity, separation and factionalism among localities.

3. High electoral competition made political parties to level allegations one another to increase their chances of winning elections.

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