What does Booth capturing and rigging mean in election

Q- What does booth capturing and rigging mean in election?

Answer- Booth Capturing: 

Booth Capturing is a kind of malpractice or illegal practice which was used by powerful ruling parties to win the elections. In it the party hires some powerful musclemen who gains physical control over polling booth (place where voting is held) and started casting false votes by threatening voters or by preventing genuine voters from reaching polling booth. Sometimes those musclemen started physically harming the common people to cast vote according to their wish.


Rigging is also a kind of malpractice or unfair mean used in election to increase their chances of winning elections. Rigging includes stuffing ballot boxes by a few persons using the votes of other, recording votes by the same person and bribing polling officer to favour a particular candidate. Rigging is less working practice to win the elections as compared to booth capturing as in booth capturing the voters were threaten by musclemen and were forced to vote any particular candidate who hired those musclemen.

The above answer is enough to tell you about what does booth capturing and rigging mean in the election. If you want to know more abut these unfair practices that were used by several political parties in elections. So, you can read the lines written below. These might be very informational for you so we suggest you to read them very carefully and you can share you can share your queries or question in comments. The comment box is given below this article.

There are several malpractices that powerful political parties uses to win the election. The most common among them are booth capturing and rigging. These are explained above by us. In booth capturing the political parties hired some criminal musclemen who did control over polling booth and started casting fake votes. This is a very big crime and in India an authority called Election Commission of India is made to keep watch on polling booth. This was done in every elections to prevent malpractices such as Booth capturing and rigging. As we all know that India is a democratic republic that is why an authority was made in India (ECI) to avoid these malpractices in elections. If Election Commission of India noticed use of any unfair mean in election so they have power to withdraw elections and after it they will held the elections again with proper riles and regulations.

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