what is a democracy? give examples of non democratic countries

Q- What is democracy? Give examples of non democratic countries.

Answer- Democracy is a form of government in which representatives are regularly elected after a specific time period. Elections are held to choose the representatives and native people or citizens are allowed to participate in the elections. Democracy improves the quality of decision making. 

A democratic government is better government because it is more accountable form of government. It is better than other forms of government as it allows rulers to correct its own mistake. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens. Democracy provides methods to deal with differences and conflicts.

Some examples of non-democratic countries are as follows: 

1. Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia women do not have right to vote.

2. Estonia: Estonia has made its citizenship rule in such a way that people belonging to Russian minority find it difficult to get their right to vote.

3. Fiji: Fiji is also included in countries which do not provide equal rights to vote. The electoral system of Fiji is such that the vote of the Fijian has more value than that of an Indian Fiji.

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