What is Coriolis force

Q- What is Coriolis force?

Answer- Coriolis force is an apparent force caused due to earth’s rotational motion. This force is responsible for deflecting winds towards the right in northern hemisphere and toward the left in the southern hemisphere. This force creates a large effect in worldwide climatic condition.

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Coriolis force have two different definitions one is on the basis of physics and other is based on geography. So, here I am going to tell you about both. According to geography coriolis force is a kind of apparent force generates due to rotational movement of plant Earth. On the other and on the basis of physics Coriolis force is a inertial force that was first time discovered or introduced in year 1835 by French Mathematician named Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis. This force was named after his surname. Now, we are talking about the defects of coriolis force. So, the effect of coriolis force is the deflection of path of an object or body. The object or body does not actually get deviated from its path but instead of it it appears to do so.

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