what is the climate of India

Q- What is the climate of India?

Answer- India is a large country which has a monsoon type of climate. The weather of India varies from region to region and from time to time.

The main characteristics of monsoon rainfall in India are as follows:

1. The normal rainfall suddenly increases, around the time of its arrival and continues regularly for several days. This is called the “Burst” of the monsoon. 

2. The rainfall is unevenly distributed across the country.

3. The monsoon arrives at the southern tip of Indian Peninsular generally by the first week of June month.

4. The duration of monsoon varies from 100 to 120 days from early June to mid-September.

5. They are distinguished from the pre-monsoon showers because of their increase in rainfall amount and regularly. 

The Effects of monsoon rainfall in India are as follows:

1. Due to uneven distribution of rainfall across the country, there are few places that are drought prone and few are flood affected.

2. The Monsoon provides India with a diverse climatic pattern. Hence, in spite of the presence of great regional variations, it has a unifying influence upon the country and its people.

3. Agriculture in India largely depends on Indian monsoon for water. Late, Low or excessive rains have a negative impact on crops.

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