which method is commonly used for improving the cattle breeds and why

Q- Which method is commonly used for improving the cattle breeds and why?

Answer- There are several methods that are used to improve the cattle breeds but the most popular and mostly used method is cross-breeding.

Cross breeding is a kind of breed improving measure that involves the interbreeding of indigenous cattle having high disease resistance with an exotic breed with longer lactation period and higher milk yield. The primarily aim f cross breeding is to produce hybrid cattle having good characters or specialty of both the breeds which are crossed to make cross-breed. This breed has high disease residence as well as is capable of high quantity as well as quality milk production.

The cattle are cross-breed to improve their breed as this increases the profit of the people who did cattle rearing for milk production.

Some of the popular cross breeds of cattle are as follows:

1. Holstein-Friesein (Breed of Friesland provice of Holland 6000-7000 kg/lactation period).

2. Jersey (Breed of Island of Jersey of England 4500 kg/lactation period).

3. Brown-Swiss (Dual purpose breed of Switzerland 5000 kg/lactation period)

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