Why you should use Google+ to promote your blog

Why you should use Google+ to promote your blog:

Recently I have been very active on Google+ because I have found Google+ to be really amazing! I have come across a lot of cool features in Google+ that keep me active in Google+ and one of them is communities in Google+. Well, this blog post will share with you some of the benefits of using Google+ as the primary socialization platform to promote your blog and as a new way to learn new knowledge while socializing.

Google+ is indeed a great social site created by Google and at one point I found it to be much better than Facebook for the purpose of socializing.


Is Google+ high traffic, is it worth my time?

Well, many of you might be wondering if Google+ gets as high traffic as Facebook? The traffic may not be as high as Facebook, but the effectiveness of socialization is much better than Facebook because Google+ creates an environment where we can meet new people with similar interests, share ideas and learn new ones. knowledge. I will talk about how to meet new people with similar interests, share ideas and learn new knowledge late. Yes, the amount of traffic and active users on Google+ is really huge. It’s worth exploring Google+. I am sure it will become a very useful and powerful socializing site in the future.

Google+ communities

Google+ communities are my favorite place to go. I can get a lot of comments and responses from communities. One of my favorite communities is “Blog Community” where I can talk with many bloggers and share my blog with them. They are all very active on Google+ so we can get almost instant feedback from everyone in the communities.

Google+ Communities is the perfect place to meet new people with similar interests, share ideas and gain new knowledge. You will receive numerous notifications from the communities. I get around 10-20 notifications a day from the community alone. (You can always change how Google+ notifies you in Change Google+ settings.

Immediate updates almost in real time

Believe it or not, Google+ is almost real time. I update my profile page with new information about myself and after a few seconds tried googling my name in google, the google search results update with my new profile information. It’s pretty cool! Law?

As a blogger or webmaster, we always want to have a Google crawler to crawl, index and cache our site which is updated with new information. Google+ is the perfect place to do all of this in seconds.

What about backlinks in Google+?

As a blogger or webmaster, we are very concerned about getting powerful and high ranking backlinks. Google+ is one of the best sites for everyone to get these powerful backlinks. Backlinks can be obtained from several sources in Google+ such as your Google+ profile page, communities, comments, etc.

With the super-fast Google+ update, I’m sure your links will be crawled, indexed and cached in no time.

Are Google+ users responsive?

Yes. You might find that your wall in Google+ where you post a status update and get new feed updates isn’t updating as quickly as Facebook because not many people post an update from status in Google+. Well, that’s a good thing. Why?

On Facebook we often see a lot of status updates that will pop up in the blink of an eye. When we want to visit them, the updates are already out of date (being pushed all the way down). This prevents us from actually browsing the information shared on our wall.

In Google+, updates aren’t as much as Facebook, so anytime we update our Google+ by sharing our new blog posts, it will show up on our circle’s Google+ wall for several hours or maybe several days. . This in turn gives us more chances to attract visitors to Google+. Isn’t that good?

Today Google+ has over 400 million members and 100 million active members. This means that one in four Google+ users is actively participating in Google+.

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