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What is FreneticKNOWLEDGE?

FreneticKNOWLEDGE is a Blog that works hard to provide knowledgeable content to people in the English language so that everyone can easily understand it. In this blog, we provide you articles on several basic to advance queries of people as well as the latest trending topics. If you have any topic or any question in your mind so you can tell us in the comment box. As we review each and every comment posted in our blog post.

In this blog, we provide you with a huge number of articles in the English language on Google. But the main or most important role played is played by Hussain Neelu Mansoori to make this all possible in this blog. All the content we provide in our blog is based on proper and complete research on that topic. But we request all visitors to read our articles completely as if you do not read our articles completely so you will not get complete knowledge on that topic.

When and why was FreneticKNOWLEDGE Blog created?

FrenticKNOWLEDGE Blog was created in October 2020. This blog was created by the author to spread knowledge and help people by solving their technical as well as basic problems. The main motive behind creating this blog is to spread knowledge to all for free so that everyone can gain or achieve knowledge regardless of any issue. This will provide everyone a chance to utilize his or her skills and start progressing. 

In FreneticKNOWLEDGE blog, you will get articles regarding Education Health, Computer language, Technology, Apps and Software Reviews, Online Earning Tips, and SEO tips. We also cover some questions that were asked by many people to us. These questions may be on other topics such as Health, Tour & Travel, Geography, Earth, Fitness, etc. The author of this blog always tries to provide complete information about all topics regardless of the words and length of articles or posts. So I request you all not to read our posts incomplete because this would results in your loss so be very aware of it.

Who Created FreneticKNOWLEDGE Blog?

FreneticKNOWLEDGE blog was created by Hussain Neelu Mansoori (Mr. Hussain). He is also the only author, owner as well as manager of this blog. He created this blog in October 2020. You can also read a little about the author from the profile section given in the home page of our blog. In the profile section of our blog, you can get complete information 

About the Author:-

The Author of FreneticKNOWLEDGE Blog is Hussain Neelu Mansoori (Mr. Hussain). He a lot for all the viewers or visitors to provide the information and our community ensures that the content provided by us is Genuine and trusted by viewers. We cover several topics on our website that are provided to you in the header section of the website. You can easily search any keyword of your topic in the search bar or navigation bar given at the right side section bar. 

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Topics covered in our Blog

In this blog, we provide or cover all topics to provide visitors better user experience and make it easier for every visitor to get complete knowledge about the topic they are searching for. 

The main topics or streams of our blog are given in our blog’s header section. Some of the brief descriptions of the streams or topics on which our blog post articles are given below:

These topics or streams are:-


In this category, we provide posts or articles related to education that will be helpful for students who are completing their studies or are continuing in their studies. In this category, we provide you with all questions as well as answers because sometimes students get doubts in any question so they can search the question in google and easily visit our site to get the complete answer and more knowledge related to that topic.

We also post content that is based on queries that take birth in people’s minds. So we provide the correct answers to people and once again we are telling you that all the content provided in our blog is posted after proper complete research on that topic. But we recommend all visitors to read our articles completely and sincerely because if you do not read our article completely so this may lead to get less or incomplete knowledge on that topic.

2. Technology:-

In this category, we provide you with information about technology such as Computer and mobile tips and tricks, etc. In this category, we provide articles about technology such as modern gadgets, social media networking, mechanism, artificial intelligence, etc. We all know that Technology is the application of principles and tools to make things more useful as well as efficient. It’s what makes your computer work and helps in making your lifestyle easy and modern. Technology provides us with the technological basis for something new. Each technological advance makes things more valuable and creates a new, valuable, or useful application.

We all know that technologies are not stable. Technologies change sometimes rapidly and also sometimes slowly, and sometimes not at all. Technology is not static. You’re never going to be able to tell whether something is something like a drill or a cell phone. Technologies follow a path dictated by the world around us. Technology improves the things we have. I hope you can see now that technology is an important part of your lives. I hope you can see technology’s power; not in terms of wealth or security but in the power of technology to do good. I hope you can see technology’s power in the ways technology gives you what you need. Technology is not only a tool but it’s a way of thinking; a way of approaching the world. That is why to make everyone know proper and genuine knowledge about the latest technology updates we provide regular posts on trending technology topics. We mainly work in our post to make visitors experience better.

We also provide videos link in some of our posts where we found the necessity of videos to provide you a better experience. These videos are in the Hindi language with English captions or subtitles that will help you to understand in a better manner. We suggest you join us on all other Social networking sites. Links to our accounts of social networking sites are given on the home page of our blog.

3. SEO Tips:-

In this category, we will provide SEO tips to all these tips help you a lot to increase your search ranking. In this category, we provide regular posts on SEO tips and tricks that will help user to rank their website or blog in Google if they properly implement these tips on their site.

By simply looking at search engine rankings you can quickly see how important search engine optimization is to the overall success of your website. To illustrate the fact that search engine optimization, the process of attracting traffic to your website and making it appear higher in search results, is vital for any business to be successful, we must look at the way Google ranks websites in general, regardless of what they are selling.

We all know that there are four main ranking categories or criteria for ranking in Google. These are:

  • High-quality content
  • Specific content
  • Relevancy
  • Available resources (Resources to get good user experience)

All the tips and tricks shared in this category in our blog are completely based on our personal experience. So these tips may be very helpful for you all.

4. Computer Languages:-

In this category, we provide you with courses in computer languages. With the help of these courses or articles, you can learn about various computer languages that will help you to become a coding expert. In it we provide you with all types of computer languages courses such as JAVA, HTML, CSS, C language, C++ e.t.c. . We provide videos to you for a better learning experience. In this category, we publish posts that will help coding beginners in learning computer languages as per their interests. 

This category is especially for viewers who are interested in learning computer languages, coding, etc.

5. Apps & Software Reviews:-

This category is created by us to provide you with a review of several software and apps. We all know that in modern times there are several apps and software launched every day. So, this increases the chances of people becoming confused among them. So, to solve this main problem of confusion that which app is better for which software is better for using. In this stream, we compare two or more apps and software on the basis of their features, user experience, functioning, and the little bit we share our personal experience. But through these articles, our motive is not to insult any app or software only we share our personal experience on those apps and software.

In this category, we provide our personal experience and also suggest to you all some best software, as well as apps that you must purchase and use that, will be very beneficial for all readers. We provide you trust that the information in our blog is 100% real and genuine. But we request every reader to read the articles of our blog completely and carefully. 

6. Online Earning Tips:-

This is the most special category of our blog. In this category, we provide you with 100% working and genuine earning tips and tricks. Nowadays, Online business to generate revenue from home is one of the most booming economies that offer the opportunity for almost unlimited earning potential. The only way to earn online, though, is to build your own earning potential by earning something that you actually enjoy. There are many people who own their online business and they are actually generating very huge revenue from it. We had tried various online earning methods and in these posts, we share our personal experience that might be very helpful for you to start up your online business with very low or no investment. 

These all are verified and secure earning methods as we tried personally tried them and share our experience including some points of view. You can take it part-time or full time as your wish and we also provide you tutorials that will help you a lot in starting it up from today. The videos that we provide readers in some posts where we found their need is in the Hindi language with English caption that makes it easy for all to understand them properly. We are damn sure that the articles that are published in our blog in the Online Earning Tips category will help you to start earning money online.

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