5 tips to increase your blog traffic

5 tips to increase your blog traffic:

Your blog traffic is important from the point of view that it not only increases your web presence, which makes more visitors find your site, but it also motivates you! There are now many ways to increase traffic to your site, but you want to be aware of how you are using your time. Remember that your blog post is the heart and only one of your platform and you want to put as much effort into this area as possible!

With that said, here are 5 ways to get more traffic to your site, 4 of which allow you to focus on publishing your blog.

Go against the grain

When updating your site, don’t be afraid to take an “against” stance involving a popular topic or topic. Believe me, nothing will stand out more than going against popular opinion! People normally take notice when they disagree with what is said, which then creates a buzz. The increased web presence you feel helps get more traffic to your site to see what the buzz is about. When using this approach, it is recommended that your reasoning behind your position makes sense, as it will make your blog posting all the more intriguing!

Optimize your content

Optimizing your blog post correctly takes little extra time and should never be overlooked. Selecting the right keywords and placing them correctly in your title and content will help you attract more search engine traffic.

Create a “pillar” message

The creation of any material of reasonable length that contains useful and / or educational material is considered pillar content. For the most part, typical blogging updates are short (around 200 words) and focus more on being social and not necessarily overly educational. Think of a pillar post as the opposite and as something crammed with useful information. Readers love this type of blog post and will refer others to it as well!

Power of fame

Using high profile celebrities creates an angle that makes them relevant to your blogging topic and capitalizes on popularity to get more traffic. People who search for these celebrities will see your content appear in their results enticing them to visit your site!

Social sites

Harness the viral capabilities offered by social networking and bookmarking sites. Share your links on some of these sites of course after you have developed a relationship with other members and allow them to help spread your message! After all, they are your new friends and what are friends for? It’s a really fast way to dramatically increase your web presence!

Your blog traffic is what gives your site a web presence while also motivating you to keep updating it with more enthusiasm. The point is, when your efforts are recognized, you are more encouraged to keep investing them! It is therefore of vital importance for every blogger to get more traffic to their platforms to benefit both traffic and motivation. The 5 suggestions for doing just that, as stated above, allow you to focus primarily on your blogging efforts. This in turn will allow you to continue providing your blog with the new content it needs for current readers while generating new traffic at the same time!

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