A Great Site For Making Money Online By Downloading Files

A Great Site For Making Money Online By Downloading Files | ShareCash.org:

There are many ways to make money online and the choice is always up to us. Previously, I wrote a blog post on How You Can Make Money Using Photos on 12 Websites To Make Money Online Using Photos. On the Internet almost anything can be converted into money and in this article I will share with you how you can make money by downloading files (all files: photos, PDF, text file, videos, songs, music, etc.).

Anything can be an opportunity to make money online if you use the right techniques and the right website.

One of the most famous sites for making money by downloading files is known as ShareCash.org. Previously you may have read how you can make money online by uploading files to Uploading.com and FileServe, ShareCash.org will be an alternative to make extra money online using your files.

earn money online using ShareCash.org

How to use ShareCash.org?

It is very easy to earn money using ShareCAsh.org. Sign up for a free account, upload your files, and earn money online using ShareCash.org.

Is ShareCash.org better than other sites (make money online by downloading)?

If you’ve used Uploading.com or Fileserve.com, you’ll notice that they have a ranking for your uploads. The higher your rating, the more you get paid per download and your file size must be greater than 1MB per file to get paid for each valid download. Personally, my files are free ebooks for all blog readers under 1MB. So when blog readers download my ebook, I don’t get any payment because my files are not over 1MB. So even if there are people downloading my files i don’t get paid.

This is why I am using ShareCash.org now.

How much does ShareCash.org cost per download?

ShareCash.org pays users for each download. On average, ShareCash.org pays around $ 0.60 per download. Some downloads can be as high as $ 0.80 or $ 1.00 per download, while some downloads can be as high as $ 10.00 per download. Personally, I think it’s great because we can earn more using a smaller file size, let people download our file for free, and get paid a small amount of money.

Is it possible to earn full time income using ShareCash.org?

I think it is possible as long as you are dedicated to it. You can write the information you want to share in ebook and convert it to PDF files. Then upload your files to ShareCash.org.

Promote your download links to get more people to download your files. I am sure you can make good income from ShareCash.org.

There are people who earn over $ 400.00 per month using ShareCash.org. I’m trying to reach my goal of $ 25.00 per month using ShareCash.org. I hope to be able to reach my goal soon and share my proof of payment with you.

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