Assess the impact of englands rising population on the enclosures

Q- Assess the impact of England’s rising population on the enclosures.

Answer- The main impacts of rising population of England on enclosures are as follows:

1. As the population increased rapidly this leads to increase in demand of food grains so the prices of food grains increased. 

2. Men from rural areas starting migrating to town for searching jobs.

3. Due to high wheat price the rich farmers produce lots of wheat to earn more profit.

4. To produce more food grains they enclosed more and more land under their control for wheat production. 

5. Between 1750 to 1900 the population of England multiplied over five times, mounting from 7 million in 1750 to 21 million in 1850 and 30 million in 1900.

These were the main impacts of increasing population of England on enclosures.

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