Blogging: A Quick Way to Make Money

Blogging: a Quick Way to Make Money

Systems for making money online quickly have come and gone. Some have turned out to be a moat while others endure and continue to generate income for their hardworking devotees. One of them is blogging. Although it has sometimes been criticized for flooding the internet with bad content, this is not always the case. Blogs can help disseminate information and opinions, as well as being a good income generator for blog owners.

Here are some tips on how to use blogging as a quick money-making tactic.

1. Get your own domain name and hosting services: Many third party blog sites do not allow you to post your own advertising. These sites are best for those who write personal blogs and don’t care about online income. However, if you want to position your blog and earn income from it, you will need to be able to add your own ads. Many hosting services offer preinstalled blogging software. Just get your own domain name and you’re good to go.

2. Focus on one topic: Your blog should be optimized for a set of related keywords. These keywords, in a way, determine the topics of your blog. Say, if you want to optimize your blog for the keywords “Travel to Europe”, you should write about European sites and things to do on the continent. You can’t just blog off topic like fashion or your recent heartache. Internet users do not consult your site for this. Additionally, search engine spiders need to know where to rank your content for online search result ranking.


3. Write, write, write: Be consistent in your blog updates. You rank better if you consistently deliver fresh and relevant content. And, you may even have regular readers because of it.


Making money fast is possible when you blog. You just need to know where to start and how.

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