Blogging complete tutorial for beginners

The most common mistake that I’ve seen on every blog I’ve visited is that they only put Google Adsense ads. No one doubts that the benefits of Google Adsense are quite high. But there is one problem: traffic. To be successful with Adsense (and I mean really be successful) you will need to receive tons of unique visitors every month.

While this is possible with good promotion and amazing content, it can be very frustrating for some bloggers to see how Adsense income does not increase even by increasing traffic.

Having said that, my question is: why don’t you try new sources of income?

There are many ways to maximize your income. Use of advertising networks, referrals, affiliate programs, etc.

I will share with you some of the most famous sources of income so that you can try them out.

But before we start, let me tell you that there are a few tips for increasing your blog ad revenue. In the next few posts, I will update and show you how to maximize your income. Apart from that, profitable niches bring profitable profits, but this is something that we will study later.

This is the first part of the Maximize Your Earnings series.

Let’s get right to the point.

Affiliate Programs:
Affiliate programs can be basically boiled down to “Sell and get a commission”. The trick here is to sell [downloadable] products. As an affiliate seller, you will earn a commission which will depend on the percentage of the affiliate network. Some will give you higher percentages, some less, but if done right they will increase your blog’s income. I took a rotten step forward on their operation.

part 1 Make Money Blogging Part I

1- The author of the product promotes his product through an affiliate network.

2- The Affiliate Network publishes it, so that members can start promoting the product.

3- Affiliate members start to promote, use websites, blogs, etc.

4- People buy the product, paying directly to the affiliate member who sold the product.

5- The member who sold the product gets the percentage, that is, if the amount received is $ 100, and has a 50% commission, he will keep $ 50. The remaining $ 50 would go to Aff. Author of the network / product.

Affiliate programs really are a great way to make money online, if not the best. If you have any questions about how they work, feel free to ask them through the comments / contact.

Product Advertising:
Affiliate marketing sounds great, but you have to advertise your product. This can be done in a number of ways, but most of the common stuff uses a blog, website, or paid advertisement.

Using a blog or website.
You can advertise your product either by placing advertisements on the site or by creating an entire site just for the product, showing what their benefits are and why you MUST buy the product.

It all depends on how you describe the product. You have to convince the buyer that this is what they really need to make the profit.

Use paid advertising.
Just use ad networks like Google Adwords. Pick a few good keywords and advertise. This method is similar to the one above. What you’ll want to do is create a landing page and redirect clicks to it. A landing page is a page where you directly advertise the product. Suppose you have a product that teaches you how to make money online. By using AdWords as your advertising method, you will redirect all clicks to the page where the product is directly advertised, thereby creating a landing page.

By using paid advertising, you have to be sure to have a good ROI (Return of Investment) in order to make a profitable campaign.

In part 2, I will show you the most famous affiliate networks, break them down and compare them, in order to show you which one is the most profitable.

So, are you going to continue to stick with Adsense? Or are you going to maximize sources and revenues?

Second Part of tutorial:

This is part two in the Make Money blog post series.

As you know, the only way to make money blogging is to diversify your sources of income; otherwise, it will be almost impossible to make a lot of money online with your blog.

In the first post, I explained how affiliate marketing works and tips for building a good landing page.
Today I will show you how to make money in a different way.

This requires, as always, good quality content, as you will need a fair amount of RSS readers. Yes, you can earn money with your RSS account.

While this isn’t the source that gives you the most, the goal here is to make money from all possible sources.

Make money with RSS
The source gave me the lowest amount, but it all adds up. Always keep this in mind.
So how do you make money with feedburner? Let’s see.

Since Google bought Feedburner, you can put Google Adsense ads on. This is why I said you would need a good number of feedburner readers because just like normal Adsense ads, it takes a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount.
All you have to do is sign up for an Adsense account. If you have it, just go to your feedburner account and click on monetize.
Once there, all you have to do is log in, click on get announcements. Then you just have to play with the colors a bit.

– Optimize Adsense ads
My personal advice is to put the titles using the color blue. We know that this catches the attention of readers more quickly. Apart from that put some white borders because the ads will not look like ads. The more natural your ad, the better.
Use it at the top of every post. Readers won’t mind, and the ads will be the first to see.
The result would look like this: Make Money Blogging 2 300×98 Make Money Blogging Part II

That way the ad looks like a caption. It’s more natural.

Playing with colors is the most important thing when it comes to making money blogging with Adsense. Take your time putting up relevant and relevant ads, and be patient.

Do your own experiments and take note of the results. Analyze the results and stick to what worked best for you. You will be working towards a laudable goal: your profit.

Third Part of tutorial:

This is the third post in the Money Making Blogging Series.

Today I want to talk about Google’s custom search engine service.

Let me start with a blog tip. You MUST have a search engine on your blog. Why? Because humans are lazy, and unless they come straight from a search engine and reach a particular landing page or page on your blog, they [probably] won’t crawl your entire site. site looking for an answer to his query.
Having said that, you would be wondering, “Hey Sam, can’t we take advantage of our search engines?” Of course you can, my dear readers.

In the first part of the Money Making Blogging article series I talked about affiliate marketing, in the second I explained how to monetize the RSS feed and today monetize an engine of research. I didn’t choose this order just for fun. I decided this order because I like to talk about on-page monetization and off-page monetization.

On-page monetization is all about monetizing on your own blog, off-page monetization is about monetizing using sources outside of your blog (like RSS, Aff marketing when advertising outside of your blog, search engine…). I prefer off-page monetization to make money blogging. Why? Because the less you disturb your readers with advertisements, the better for them; therefore, the better for you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post ads on your blog, we’ll talk about that later, but let’s focus on today’s topic.

– How to Make Money Blogging Using Google Custom Search Engines.
Ok folks, as always you will want to get tons of traffic using this system because you will be putting Adsense ads on your search engine.
All you need to do to create your search engine and insert the ads is log into your Adsense account, select the custom search engine options, and follow the instructions. But that’s not all you need to do to optimize this mode of monetization.

There are four factors that you need to control in order to maximize your Adsense earnings.

1) Traffic: Whether your topic is making money blogging or just a personal blog, you need traffic.

2) Size and Colors: Knowing how to modify your Adsense ads is crucial in generating clicks. Like I always say, make the ads not look like ads.

3) Relevant: When blogging about how to make money online or SEO, it’s useless if your ads show how to have a pretty garden.

4) Placement: probably the most important issue to consider. If you have polished your ads well, placing them as natural phrases on your posts or footer will increase your clicks and therefore increase your income.

Fourth part of Tutorial:

This is part four in the Money Making Blogging Series.

In the previous Money Making Blogging Series posts, I showed you ways to make money blogging from an off-page perspective.

As you know, off-page monetization bothers readers less, so it’s bigger and better, but it’s true that it’s the lowest revenue stream unless you use the way I will show you today.

This method is a bit related to RSS feed because it is only email marketing. So let’s get started.

How To Make Money Blogging Using Email Marketing.
Before I begin, let me tell you that email marketing is the most powerful tool on the net. Plus, it’s off-page monetization. It covers promotion, relationship building, affiliate marketing, etc. So you have more control over this tool if you really want to make money online.

I said that email marketing, when it comes to making money blogging, relates to your RSS feed because you will need to build a marketing list.

Yesterday I wrote you an article about building your own mailing list. You might want to read it if you haven’t already.

Email marketing is all about promotion. Promoting something can be quite difficult when you are advertising, for example, using Google Adsense, but when you have your own blog, with your own readers, things turn out to be easier.

If you’ve read yesterday’s article, you already know that you need Feedburner and Aweber to get started with email marketing. Now that you have your own mailing list, what’s the next step? Make Money blogging2 300×202 Make Money Blogging Part IV

1) Know Your Audience: When you have your own blog, you can’t live without knowing your readers. It’s pretty simple because they want what you offer which is why they keep coming to your blog. It’s simple. If your blog is all about making money blogging, you know your readers are interested in this topic. So…

2)… What to offer: You already know what to offer your readers. Submit something related to the topic of your blog.

2-1) Affiliate Products: You can send your readers affiliate marketing products that you have found interesting. Make sure to post a product review before sending emails, saying the positive and negative aspects of the product.

2-2) Blogging Tools: If you are a podcaster blogger who posts videos or audios frequently, you can dedicate an article to the tools you use.

To do this, you will likely learn more about Amazon, a site where you can sell everything and earn a commission.

2-3) Give evidence: If you are promoting, for example, a digital camera, post photos taken with the camera, showing its quality. Be sure to write down all the details.

2-4) Lessons: This is more for experienced and well-known bloggers, but if you have a not-so-common blog you may want to give it a try. Offering scheduled lessons to help other bloggers will increase their blog income. It’s like creating a membership option on your blog.

2-5) Ebook: If you don’t want RSS readers, you can promote and sell your own ebook with unique information. You shouldn’t put a high price, because you will get more sales by putting a relatively low price. You can advertise your own ebook using clickbank.

Before you try to promote something via email, make sure you have established a relationship with your readers. You can approach them using the Aweber auto responder option.

Email marketing can make you tons of money, but it can make you look like a selfish guy and ruin your blogging career.

Do you have other means? Tell us!

Thanks for reading.

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