Can Antiviral drugs be used to treat Chronic kidney disease?

Several people have very big confusion about whether can antiviral drugs be used to treat chronic kidney disease or not. So, the exact answer to this question is that yes we can use antiviral drugs to treat kidney chronic diseases.

But you should take advice on the correct medicine or drug that you can take or consume to treat your chronic kidney disease. Because there are many types of antiviral diseases so you have to once reach out to a doctor to take his or her prescription.

You can also conclude it yourself whether you should take antiviral drugs to treat chronic kidney disease or not. But for it, you should have to gain proper information about chronic kidney disease. So keep reading this article to gain knowledge on this topic.

Through this article, our motive is to provide you with knowledge about Can antiviral drugs be used to treat chronic kidney disease. This post is going to be very amazing for you all as in this post we will cover several topics related to it collectively.

Which medicine is best to treat chronic kidney disease?

Now we are going to tell you some best medicines that you can take with a doctor’s prescription to treat chronic kidney disease. The medicines noted below are those that give the best results to patients who take them.

It is mostly found that a person who is suffering from chronic kidney disease has maximum chances of suffering from High or Low Blood Pressure or Diabetes disorders too.

That is why doctors mostly suggest Blood pressure as well as diabetes disorder medicine to patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease as per their Blood pressure and Blood Sugar level.

For you, the complete list of medicines that are best or mostly prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease is given below.

Medicines that are prescribed by doctors to patients with Blood Pressure disorders are given below. With Blood pressure, these medicines are prescribed by doctors to patient according to their personal medical experience as these medicines also lowers the amount of protein in the patient’s urine.

These all are ‘ACE’ inhibitors.

  1. Fosinopril (Monopril)
  2. Ramipril (Altace)
  3. Captopril (Capoten)
  4. Lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril)
  5. Enalapril (Vasotec)

Is it necessary to take Doctor’s prescription?

It is very necessary to ask or take advice from any doctor on the best medicine that you should take to treat chronic kidney disease. It is because the medicine that you have to take for treating your chronic kidney disease depends on several factors such as:

  • Condition of patient
  • Type of Disease
  • Amount of infection spread
  • Type of Chronic disease
  • Reports of some Medical tests
  • Blood Pressure of Patient
  • Other physical factors
can antiviral drugs be used to treat chronic kidney disease

Nowadays, there are several patient death cases that are caused due to taking medicine without a doctor’s advice. So, it may results in a very big loss if you are taking medicine without a doctor’s advice.

We do not suggest you do this anymore. As patients having High or low Blood pressure disorder are more likely to suffer from Chronic Kidney disease.

Avoid taking these Medicines

There are many medicines that a patient who is suffering from chronic kidney disease should not take as they may results in very worse side-effect on the patient’s health.

Some of the medicines we are telling you that you should avoid taking if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease. These are as follows:

  1. Aspirin
  2. Naproxen (Aleve)
  3. Celecoxib (Celebrex)
  4. Ibuprofen

There are several medicines that have very huge side effects on a patient’s body. So, we should not start taking any medicine on our own. Before taking any medicine we should ask any doctor or specialist.

What are the treatments for Chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease has majorly three treatments. It depends on the doctor which treatment he or she found better for you as per your health status. These three treatments for Chronic kidney disease are as follows:

1. Dialysis: Dialysis is one of the treatments used for Chronic kidney disease. The Dialysis process can be done in a dialysis center or in a clean room in your home with a dialysis machine. Dialysis is a very costly process. This process can be afforded by rich people only. Dialysis is of two main types: Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is the process in which the blood of the patient is filtered using a dialysis machine or Dialyzer. This process is done in a dialysis center. On the other hand, Peritoneal dialysis is the process that uses linings of the abdominal region.

2. Kidney Transplant: A kidney transplant is one of the treatments for chronic kidney disease. But this treatment is used to treat patients whose kidneys are completely failed. In it, the kidney of the patient that is failed is transplanted or replaced with a healthy kidney in someone’s body. A kidney transplant is done by the doctor to treat a patient whose kidney is not working or got failed.

3. Medical treatment: Medical treatment is also a treatment that includes giving drugs and medicines to the patient and trying to treat his/her disorder. If doctors found that the condition of patient is not enough serious so they suggest them to take medicines to cure their disease. Most doctors suggest this treatment to patients to treat him.

What Diet should we take?

We should take a healthy balanced diet in case of any disease we are suffering from but in some cases, we have to take a proper or limited variety of food in our diet. In the case of a patient who is suffering from chronic kidney disease should take a special or different kind of diet that has low ingredients of sodium, potassium, phosphate, and protein.

can antiviral drugs be used to treat chronic kidney disease

But before applying this dieting format to you we suggest that it also depends on the health status of the patient. If anyone is suffering from Blood Pressure or Diabetes disorder, you should take the advice of any doctor or specialist about the diet that you can take.


The complete conclusion of this article is that you should not take any medicine or drug yourself as they may be harmful to your health. We should take the prescription from any doctor before starting to take any medicine. A doctor suggests medicine on the basis of your health status. So, you should never take any medicine without any doctor’s prescription or advice.

Our motive is not to promote self-treatment as it might be harmful to a patient’s health. So we recommend you to reach any nearby clinic or hospital to take proper advice from a doctor. If you want to share your point of view with other people. So, share it in the comment box. We published several Healthy related posts. You can also check out them if you find them interesting.

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