Can Microshield be used for dog bathing?

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Many people are worried about the use of micro shields to bath their dogs so, we provided you with the exact answer to it after deep research on it.

Can Microshield be used for dog bathing

So, the answer to your question is: Yes, we can use Microshield to bath your dogs or any other pet animal such as a cat, otter, etc.

Microshield is an antibacterial chemical agent that helps in removing bacteria from the skin. But it is your choice whether you want to use Microshield for your dog bathing. Before you decided whether you must use microshield for it or not.

You need to get proper information on this topic or about micro shields in a proper manner. Continue reading this article to get complete information about microshield.

Can Microshield be used for dog bathing

What is Microshield?

Microshield is an antibacterial hand wash that is used to wash our hands to make them germ-free. We can also use these microshields to wash your pet animals.

This hand washer is used to kill germs from your hands but this hand wash is used to kill bacterial germs from the body. The Microshield is used to kill germs but they are not enough capable to kill viruses.

Benefits of Microshield360

Microshield 360 is a very beneficial antibacterial agent that is very effective to prevent skin from any type of bacterial infection. It also kills viruses in a small ratio. Microshield 360 kills maximum bacteria and some viruses too. Some of the advantages of Microshield are as follows:

  1. Microshield is very easy to use for washing as well as bathing.
  2. Microshield is moisturized enough to prevent skin from getting dry.
  3. If your skin is very sensitive so we recommend you to use microshield or any other antibacterial liquid with a doctor’s prescription.
  4. Microshield helps in killing most of the microorganisms from the skin to prevent chances of any kind of bacterial or microbial infection.
  5. Microshield is very easy to use for bathing your pet animals.
  6. Microshield is clinically used for antimicrobial handwashing. Mainly this is used at clinical sinks and in patients’ bathing in a nursing home. As we all know that in a nursing home, the patients who are not enough capable of a bath are washed by nurses and hospital workers using microshields and soap. In most of the nursing homes, patients are washed using soap and microshield to make them germ-free.

As much as your hands serve microshield also does the same function. They likewise put germs in contact with numerous body parts such as the mouth, nose, ear, eye, etc.

While washing your hands using soap and warm water is one of the most ideal methods that is used to clean them, another option for this is to use microshiled 360 for it. In case you do not make this germ fighter a staple on your shopping list yet, so you must just realize that you need to be in the wake of learning its numerous benefits as it is so beneficial.

Can Microshield be used for dog bathing

Can Microshields Remove All Types Of Germs?

There is no exact or hundred percent sure answer for it that whether microshield is capable to kill all types of germs but various researches prove that microshield is capable to kill most of the germs from our skin and prevent us from any kind of microbial infection or disease.

Microshields can rapidly decrease the number of microorganisms that are present on our hands in certain circumstances yet these germs can easily be killed by microshields.

But in the case of a virus, it is not enough sure whether microshield can kill it or not because bacterial cells are easily killed by using microshield.

As microshileld is an antibacterial agent which is why it is most effective in killing bacteria as compared to any virus. That is why in some research and deep studies it was found that soap and water are more powerful than hand sanitizers at expelling particular sorts of germs such as Cryptosporidium, norovirus, and Clostridium difficile but microshield is much more capable of killing bacteria.

The conclusion of this paragraph is that Microshields are capable to remove maximum germs from our skin or but they cannot kill all viruses.

When Microshields is Most Effective?

Microshiled may not be successful in removing dirt particles and killing germs from your hands when your hands are obviously filthy or greasy. Several big kinds of research and studies show that microshield function best in places such as hospitals and nursing homes to make patients clean.

As we all know that doctors’ hands came into contact with germs and bacteria. Few studies show that microshield might function well or function more effectively against particular kinds of germs (bacteria) on marginally filthy hands.

The correct way to use Microshield

Microshield is more effective when we use them with proper instructions and with the proper correct method to use it. Many people do not know the exact way to use microshield. Here, we will tell you the correct instructions that you should know to use microshield. By the way, different microshields have a little bit different ways to use them but most of the microshields have the same way to use them.

Below are the instructions that you should know before using microshield:

  • We should use it undiluted.
  • Take about 5 ml microshield on wet hands and rub it for about 30 seconds.
  • Rinse them roughly then dry them.
  • While using it on the body we should avoid it from entering sensitive body parts such as the eyes and ears.

Precautions while using Microshields

There are some very necessary precautions that you should know while using microshield as if you use it without these precautions so it may be harmful to your skin. The precautions that you must follow while using microshields are as follows:

  • We should rinse it well with water.
  • If you feel mild irritation in your skin while using microshield so, in this case, stop using that microshield.
  • We should use it mostly for external use only.
  • Avoid swallowing.
  • Avoid mixing it with detergents or any other chemical substance.
  • Prevent this chemical compound from entering sensitive body parts such as ears and eyes.


In the above article, we told you about microshields and whether can we use them for dog bathing. It depends on your wish if you want to use microshields for your dog bathing or not. On the other hand, we covered some other queries that are related to this topic.

We had also provided some precautions that you should know before using microshields for your pet bathing. In case you are reading this article so this means that you have a pet dog. So, we would like to recommend you to read this article on where does Catahoula bulldog lives?

What is your opinion on this topic? Tell us in the comment section below. And if you have any other questions or queries regarding this topic so tell us in the comments. We will try to solve your problems and doubts as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to bathe my dog?

The best thing that you can use to bathe your dog is using dog shampoo or a micro shield. These are antibacterial and help in preventing your dog from germs.

Can we use human shampoo on dogs?

You can use shampoo on dogs but try to use it after the guidance of any veterinary doctor because some shampoos may harm the hair of your dog. So, in order to avoid any harm you should ask for that shampoo from any veterinary doctor.

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