Can we scan documents with the help of Epson l380 by connecting it with Android phone?

Q- Can we scan documents with the help of Epson l380 by connecting it with Android phone?

Answer- Yes, it is possible to scan documents with the help of Epson l380 by connecting it with your Android phone. But it is not enough easy. You have to follow some steps to scan and with the help of Epson l380 by connecting it with an Android phone.

Steps to connect your Epson l380 with your android phone

  1. Firstly you have to connect your Epson product to your wireless network.
    2, Then, you have to download the Epson Print Enabler plug-in from the Google play store on your mobile phone.
  2. Open Settings of your android mobile.
  3. After it clicks on printers, and enable the Epson plug-in.
  4. After doing these steps. Now Connect your device to that same wireless network as your product.
  5. Now you are all set. No, you are ready to scan or print documents with the help of Epson l380 by connecting it with Android phone.

NOTE: Before following these steps you must know that if you are unable to find your products on the device. So, Click on All Printers then select your products.

While working or using Epson l380. You must understand little about Epson l380. You can read the below paragraphs for more details.

Epson l380

Epson’s L380 is an ink tank printer that helps in bringing more to the table with 2 additional black ink bottles. This printer allows you to print at even higher volumes at a lower cost. Epson’s L380 has the ability to complete tasks quickly with print speeds of up to 10ipm for black and 5.0ipm for color prints.

Epson l380 is part of the high-resolution color imaging market. It comes with a number of high-quality pixel sensors and is designed to provide the best picture quality of any photo printer, but this high resolution depends on the printer as well. High resolution does not necessarily mean super high quality.

Is it faster than other photo printers?

The company claims a speed of 40 photos a minute with a fast print speed of 45 seconds. The result is impressive but it is not the fastest printer we have ever tested.

More about the Epson l380

The l380 is actually intended for professionals and it is a professional photo printer. A number of other types of additional stuff is also available with Epson l380.

1. what is the warranty and how long is it?
1. The warranty for Epson l380 is 2 years and 5 years for the l380-i, l480, and l480-i Photo.

2. Can I use l380 to print photos on my PC?
2. Yes, l380 can be connected to any PC or printer.

And finally the verdict. Is l380 a worthy purchase?

The price is not as high as other premium photo printers but to buy this, you should be ready for good picture quality and perfect print quality. Is it a worthy purchase? We believe so.


If you want the best photo printer, then this is it. You can save a lot of money by buying l380. At that price, you should get the top photo printer you can afford. If you are looking for a better photo printer, check out the other products in our l381 review.

The image quality is fantastic, it is a fast printer that can print 4 or 5 photos a minute. We were very impressed by the quality of the prints we made.

If you buy l380, we recommend you get one of the l380-i and l480 to make it easier to manage. We believe the l380 l480 to be best for the l380 l380 but both are worthy purchases.

If you are looking for a cheaper photo printer, check out some alternatives in the l380-lite review or the l380-lite l380 review.

If you want to save more on your printing, check out our l380 cheaper alternatives.

A lot of products are faster but l380 is not one of them. If you want to print photos quickly, l380 is not the solution.
The ink cartridge is included and l380 only costs $259, plus you can buy a l380 l480 and l480-i for around $700. It is not a cheap printer but it is not as expensive as the Epson MP640 l380.

Some of the features and specialties of Epsonl380 are given below:

  1. The Printer is a type of Ink Tank and its functionality is All-in-One. This machine can print, scan as well as copy. The Scanner type in Epson l380 is flatbed.
  2. Print speeds is up to 10ipm for black and 5.0ipm for colour pages.
  3. This printer comes with 2 extra bottles black ink in the box, in addition to 1 each of cyan, yellow, magenta and black
  4. Epson l380 has ability to print about 33 Pages per minute (Black & White). And it can print about 15 page per minute (Coloured). This printer I very cost saving as it costs 7 paisa per page (Black & White) and 18 paise per page (Colour).
  5. Ideal usage – Home and Small office, Regular / Heavy usage (more than 300 pages per month)
  6. This printer support all page sizes. They could be A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 or DL. The Print resolution of Epson l380 is 5760 x 1440
  7. Epson l380 comes with a compatible Ink Bottle that is T6641 (Black), T6642 (Cyan), T6643 (Magenta) and T6644 (Yellow).

The page Yield of this printer is about 4500 pages (Black & White) and 7500 pages (Colour).

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