Creating a blog needs plan to make money online

Creating a blog needs plan to make money online:

Okay, let’s say you want to start a new blog to help you make some extra money online. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to just start a general blog with the hope that advertisers will want to pay a lot of £££ to post ads. When it comes to the quality of internet traffic, everything is essential and if you don’t have visitors eager to spend money when they arrive on your site, there is no way you or an advertiser can. To take advantage of. So what’s going on is that a lot of bloggers create a site about their own “passion for pets” and hope that it automatically turns into a spinner. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t write about what interests you, but you have to target it in a way that creates some sort of earning potential.

Let’s say you are interested in photography, the wrong decision would be to just talk about why you love it so much and show all of your photos online. A much better strategy would be to target people who are looking for a specific camera and write a detailed and real quality review on that camera. Then promote that review by drawing links for it from other quality (related) sites. Hope that over time and with a little luck you might be able to rank your review when people search online for this specific model. The key is that you know that the people who find this review will already be “thinking” about making a purchase and therefore this visitor is very valuable to you and to potential sellers of this product.

A lot of people can’t get over this concept I just explained because they only want to write about what interests them and don’t want to deviate from it for a second. Now, I have nothing against personal blogging, but at the same time you have to decide what your priorities are and whether your mission is to make money or just to entertain yourself and your visitors. This doesn’t mean that you can’t combine your passion with your money-making abilities, you just need to plan exactly how you’re going to tackle it.

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