Define Animal Husbandry

Q- Define Animal husbandry.

Answer- Animal husbandry involves the activities of rearing as well as management of domestic animals to earn profit from their products is called as Animal husbandry. The main motive of animal husbandry is to earn profit. Mainly there are four types of animal husbandry. These are as follows:

1. Cattle farming (Rearing of cows as well as buffaloes to get milk production and also labour support are called as cattle farming)

2. Apiculture (Apiculture refers to cultivating honey bees for honey production in artificial bee hive that is called as apiary)

3. Fish farming (Fish farming includes feeding fishes of different zones to sell them)

4. Poultry farming (Poultry farming includes rearing of poultry birds such as broiler for meat purpose and layers for egg production).

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