Define Intercropping

Q- Define intercropping.

Answer- Inter cropping: Inter cropping is the process of growing of two or more types of crops simultaneously in the same field in definite row pattern. In inter cropping a few crop is grown in a row format such as 1 : 1, 1 : 2 or 1 : 3. 

In intercropping a few rows of one crop alternate with a few rows of a second crop. For example: Soya bean + maize, Soya bean + bajra (finger millet) or Soya bean + lobia (cow pea).

The Inter cropping farming method is very beneficial as it helps in restoring the fertility of the soil. Some of the advantages of inter cropping are as follows:

1. It ensures maximum utilization of nutrients.

2. It reduces chances of farmer’s loss due to crop failure.

3. It also checks spreading of pests or diseases to all plants.

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