define the following terms a. plasmolysis b. endocytosis c. membrane biogenesis

Q- Define the following terms:

(i) Plasmolysis

(ii) Endocytosis

(iii) Membrane biogenesis

Answer- (i) Plasmolysis: Plasmolysis is the process of change of a fully swollen cell into a shrunken cell due to placing it in hypertonic solution.

(ii) Endocytosis: Endocytosis is the process of in taking of large sized solid or liquid material inside the cell through the cell membrane. Endocytosis is the process through which unicellular organism Amoeba in take its food.

(iii) Membrane biogenesis: The small part of protein that is synthesized by ribosomes which are bound in Rough endoplasmic reticulum is used in building of the cell membrane. This process is called as membrane biogenesis.

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