describe current government strategy of poverty alleviation

Q- Describe current government strategy of poverty alleviation.

Answer:- The government’s anti – poverty strategy is based on

· Promotion of economic growth:- because economic growth gives opportunities of job creation within the country which provide stable livelihood to people due to this it help in reducing the number of people under poverty it also help in collecting then investment which is needed for human development like:- education, medical facilities, transportation which further allows human to become assets and help in economic development.

· Targeted anti – poverty programmes:- government promotes some programmes which can help group of people to grow out from poverty. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 provides 100 days of wages employment in rural areas. Similarly, Prime Minister Rozgaar Yojna (PMRY) creates self – employment in rural areas and small towns. These types of programs are promoted by the government to help people or groups to up come from poverty.

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