Describe digestion of food in human being

Q- Describe digestion of food in human being.

Answer:- Answer:- Answer:- nutrition in human being is divided into two parts:-

§ Alimentary canal

§ Digestive canal

Alimentary canal:-

It is a long tube like structure it starts from the mouth and finally it end at the anus it is divided into following parts:-

· Mouth:- the mouth is the first part that start the process of digestion of food in human being it helps in intaking of food.

· Buccal cavity:- It is further divided into tongue and teeth.

The tongue is the stick muscular structure that helps in tasting and mixing of food.

While teeth help in biting and cutting of food.

ü Incisor

ü Canine

ü Premolar

ü Molar

· Pharynx:- it is the funnel shape where the food and air entered. It has two parts:-

ü Glottis

ü Gullet

· Oesophagus:- It is a long narrow and tubular structure which passes through neck and thorax and open in stomach. There is contraction and relaxation of muscles to move food downward.

· Stomach:- it is a thick muscular j-Shaped structure present on the left side of abdomen. It help in chemical digestion of food.

· Small intestine:- it help in further digestion and absorption of food.

· Large intestine:- it help in formation and temporary storage of fecis.

· Anus:- it help in removal of waste material from the body.

During metabolic activities formation of certain useful and harmful waste substances are formed. The process of expelling of ammonia, urea, uric acid along with access of water salt and pigments released to form the body is called excretion.

The main aim of excretion is to keep composition of fluid.

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