Describe the journey of river Ganga in India class 9

Q- Describe the journey of river Ganga in India.

Answer- Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India. The river Ganga originates at Devprayag when two major rivers Bhagirathi which originates from the Gangotri glacier and Alaknanda which originate from Northern Himalayas combined together.

These two rivers meet at Devprayag so they form the holy river Ganga river. This is the formation of the river Ganga. The majority of the Himalayan rivers join Ganga as its tributaries.

Some of the popular rivers that joined into the river Ganga are Yamuna, Gomti, Raganga, Ghaghra, Gandak, and Kosi. The Yamuna river flows parallel to the Ganga as a right-bank tributary and meets the Ganga at Allahabad. The tributaries which join Ganga from peninsular uplands are Chambal, the Betwa, and the Son.

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Here before finishing this article we would like to tell you about the Holy river Ganga. So, all the content that is provided below is for extra knowledge. This is your choice whether you would like to read them for your extra knowledge or not. So, let’s get started about our topic that is ‘The River Ganga’:

Ganga: Describe the journey of river Ganga in India class 9

The River Ganga is one of the largest rivers in country India. Ganga originates from the northern-most region of India where two popular rivers of India combined together are the Bhagirathi and Alakananda. The Bhagirathi and Alakananda rivers combined together in devprayag and from this point the river Ganga originates. Ganga is considered a holy or sacred river by people who follow the Hindu religion in India. Ganga enters the plains at Haridwar town of India.

In a very long journey of river Ganga, it forms a basin that is called as Ganga basin. If you don’t know what is a river basin. So, I am going to tell you in short that a river basin is a region that is formed due to the drainage of a specific river.

In this case, it is of River Ganga. So, the Ganga basin is formed due to the drainage of the river Ganga and this basin fulfills the needs of several people in India. Ganga is one of the rivers that help in making the Northern plain of India fertile. As these rivers flow several important elements from the Himalayas and at last, they drained them in the Northern plain. This deposition work of all Himalayan rivers is one of the biggest reasons behind high fertility in the soil of the Northern plain. The average length of this river is about 2500 Kilometres. This length is an approximate measure.

describe the journey of river Ganga in india class 9
Describe the journey of river Ganga in India class 9

If you want to exact the length of the Ganga river so you can search it on the Internet. There are several tributaries of the river Ganga and these tributaries further have many sub-tributaries. So, we would like to provide you names of some of the most popular tributaries of the river Ganga:

  • The Gomti river
  • The Mahananda river
  • The Kosi
  • The Gandak river
  • The Son river
  • The Burhi Gandak
  • Raganga
  • The river Yamuna
  • The Ghadra

The religious importance of Ganga- Describe the journey of river Ganga in India class 9

Now, we are going to talk about the religious importance of the river Ganga. Ganga has lots of religious importance as the Hindus considered Ganga a sacred river. There are several people who worship the Ganga river and drink the water of this river to make them pure. So, we all can consider that Ganga is a very holy river for most Indians but today Ganga is in huge danger which is pollution.

Pollution of the river Ganga is a very big threat for all mankind as well as the environment as Ganga is one of the largest rivers in India. So, the pollution of the river Ganga affects the whole ecosystem very adversely. As Ganga is a very large river that is why the amount of garbage and pollutants is high in river Ganga.

If you want us to describe the journey of the river Ganga in India class 9 so we mentioned it in the above answer.

The main reason behind the pollution of the river Ganga along with most of the water bodies in India is humans. Today, humans are polluting the environment without thinking even a single time about their future. Because of the increase in factories and industrial settlements, there is a lot of deforestation.

Along with deforestation people are engaged in polluting the water through several human activities. Through this article, we would like to aware you of the increasing pollution in our environment and we would like to advise you to avoid polluting our surroundings and use eco-friendly things as more as possible.

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