describe the seasonal movement of gaddi shepherds of himachal pradesh

Q- Describe the seasonal movement of Gaddi shepherds of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer- The Gaddi shepherds of Himachal Pradesh did seasonal movement or migrate from one area to another for pastureland for their cattle to graze them and use their products to earn their livelihood.

This seasonal migration is common for them as they did this because of their issue of pastureland. They did it season vise. In a proper manner every year, as they spent their winter in the low hills of the Shiwalik range, grazing their flock in the scrub forests. 

By April, they moved north and spent the summer in Lahaul and Spiti. When the snow melted and the high passes were clear, many of them moved to higher mountain meadows. By September, they began their return movement and descended with their flock to their winter grazing ground, the Shiwalik hills.

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