Describe the vision of Robert Owen and Louis blanc

Q- Describe the vision of Robert Owen and Louis blanc.

Answer- Vision of Robert Owen- Robert Owen wants to bring socialism all over Europe. He believed a lot in the ideas of cooperatives. For that sake, he started a cooperative in Indiana, United State of America named ‘New Harmony’. After starting the New Harmony cooperative Robert Owen want the government to support and encourage this cooperative to make it successful.

Louis Blanc’s vision- Louis Blanc believed that the government should replace all the capitalist enterprises and should start focusing on the encouragement of cooperatives.

In other words, we can say that the visions of Robert Owen and Louis Blanc are closely related to each other. He suggested several cooperatives whose main motive is to give employment opportunities to the worker class, especially in urban areas. He believed that every cooperative should be formed through the cooperation of each and every member of that cooperative and the profit should be given according to the work done by the member of that particular cooperative.

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The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution is one of the most popular events in the History of ancient Russia. This revolution is also called the Russian Revolution of the year 1917.

There are two main phases of this revolution of the year 1917, the first of which, in February (March, New Style), overthrew the imperial government and the second of one is in October (November), which placed the Bolsheviks in the power.

Centuries of virtually unchecked Russian expansion in Asia resulted in an embarrassing defeat in the Russo-Japanese War in the year 1904.

This military reverse shattered Russia’s dreams of establishing hegemony over the whole of Asia, but it also contributed to a wave of domestic unrest.

The Revolution of the year 1905 compelled Nicholas II to issue the October Manifesto, which ostensibly transformed Russia from an unlimited autocracy into a monarchy.

This monarch’s rule is not completely monarchy as it was a constitutional monarchy. The tsar’s reactionary policies, including the occasional dissolution of the Duma, or Russian parliament, the chief fruit of the revolution in the year 1905, had spread dissatisfaction even to moderate elements of the nobility.

describe the vision of robert owen and louis blanc
Describe the vision of Robert Owen and Louis blanc

Summary of Russian Revolution of 1917

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