Describe the vision of Robert Owen and Louis blanc class 9

Q- Describe the vision of Robert Owen and Louis blanc

Answer- Robert Owen’s vision- Robert Owen wants to bring socialism all over Europe. He believed a lot in the ideas of cooperatives. For that sake, he started a cooperative in Indiana, United State of America named ‘New Harmony’. After starting the New Harmony cooperative Robert Owen want the government of that region to support and encourage this cooperative to make it successful.

Louis Blanc’s vision- Louis Blanc believed that the government should replace all the capitalist enterprises and should start focusing on the encouragement of cooperatives. In other words, we can say that the visions of Robert Owen and Louis Blanc are closely related to each other.

He suggested several cooperatives whose main motive is to give employment opportunities to the working class, especially in urban areas.

He believed that every cooperative should be formed through the cooperation of each and every member of that cooperative and the profit should be given according to the work done by the member of that particular cooperative.

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Robert Owen

Sir Robert Owen was an early industrialist. He was well known for his model textile factory at New Lanark in Scotland.

As we know that the situation of workers in early factories was extremely harsh, with very hazardous working conditions for all the workers. There are very long working hours.

Normally the working hours are at least 13 hours per day and six days a week. At that time most factory owners gives more importance to the care of their expensive machines as compared to the well-being of their employees.

Robert Owen’s strength was that kind of person who gives equal importance to their workers as they give to their machines. He worked a lot to improve the condition of workers in factories.

He played a vital role in providing justice to all workers and decreasing working hours by the government.

describe the vision of robert owen and louis blanc class 9

By the age of 19, Robert Owen was a joint owner of a textile factory in Manchester.

As he was new to the responsibilities of management, he learned about the workings of the factory by observing his employees (workers) as they carried out their work. He also wrote a few lines on them:

‘I looked very wisely at the men in their different departments, although I really knew nothing. By intensely observing everything, I maintained order and regularity throughout the establishment, which proceeded under such circumstances much better than I had anticipated.’

In the year 1799, Sir Robert Owen along with a group of partners decided to purchase the New Lanark mill from his father-in-law (David Dale).

Later he noticed that the condition of children in the factory is worst. Children from five or six years old were employed through contracts with the local poor house, and working for more than 14 hours per day is very common.

Robert Owen immediately decided to avoid accepting any further children from the poor house and raised the minimum age of employment to 10 years old. He also banned the beating of children.

Louis Blanc

Louis Blanc was one of the most popular leaders for workers as he worked for improving the conditions of workers and provide them justice. He was born while his father was serving as inspector general of finances in the Spanish regime of Joseph Bonaparte.

When that regime collapsed in the year 1813, they returned to France. Later Louis blanc studied at schools in Rodez and Paris. While studying he started working as a tutor in northern France, he came in contact with liberal political circles and found employment in a Republican newspaper.

In the year 1837, Sir Louis Blanc became a member of a committee for electoral reform directed by leaders of the opposition to King Louis-Philippe.

After two years of becoming a member of a committee for electoral reform in the year 1839, Louis blanc founded the Revue du Progrès.

It was in this newspaper that his most important work, L’Organisation du travail was a popular organization of labor. He started a corporation for protesting against the injustice of the working class.

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