Differentiate between manures and fertilizers

Q- Differentiate between manures and fertilizers.

Answer- Manures are the organic substances obtained from the decomposition of vegetables and animals waste by the action of micro organisms. We all know that Manures and fertilizers are very necessary for crop production.

Manure is very beneficial for crop production. It has several advantages. Some of the main advantages of manures are as follows:

1. Manure provides humus to the soil. Humus provides the physical as well as chemical texture of soil.

2. Manure restores soil texture for better retention of waste and aeration.

3. They provide depleted nutrients to the soil, removed by crops.

Fertilizers have several use or benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Fertilizers cover up the minerals deficiency of soil due to husbandry is well understood. So excessive and repeated cropping is easier in field.

2. Fertilizers are used or required in small bulk or amount.

3. Fertilizers are easy to transport or store.

4. The chemical Fertilizers are available in both solid state or form or liquid form.

5. Chemical Fertilizers are easily soluble in water.

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