Differentiate between South west monsoon and Northwest monsoon

Q- Differentiate between South West (S.W) monsoons and North East (N.E) monsoons.


South West (S.W) monsoons:

1. They blow from south-west to north-east from June to September.

2. These are warm winds as they come from lower latitude near equator.

3. These winds are known for their vagaries or uncertainties.

4. These are onshore humid winds because they blow from sea to land.

5. These warm and humid winds cause widespread rainfall.

North East (N.E) monsoons:

1. They blow from north-east to south-west from the month of December, January and February. 

2. They are rather cool winds.

3. They do not suffer from the vagaries.

4. These are offshore dry winds because they blow from land to sea.

5. These cold and dry offshore winds give no rains to India except Coromandel coast.

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