distinguish between fold and fault

Q- Distinguish between fold and fault?



1. There are bends in rocks that are due to compressional forces. They are formed when heat and pressure is applied in the rock.

2. Folds are mostly common in sedimentary rocks.

3. Folds led to the formation of anticlines and synclines.

4. In folds the forces moves towards a common centre.

5. Folds are causes or occurred due to vertical movements.

6. Some examples of folds are: Himalayas and Alps.


1. Fault occurs if the internal strength of the rock is less than the pressure applied to a rock.

2. Faults are mostly common in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

3. Faults generally occur due to horizontal movements.

4.  In faults the forces moves away from the common centre. 

5. Faults leads to the formations of Black mountains and right valleys, due to upliftment and subsidence of land.

6. Some examples of faults are: Vosges and black forests.

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