Dreamstime | Promising Microstock Sites to Sell Basic Images

Dreamstime | Promising Microstock Sites to Sell Basic Images:

If you are already into stock photography, you may have come across this microstock site known as Dreamstime. Dreamstime is a popular and promising site to submit your photos for sale. This is a short review on Dreamstime, hope you understand how it works.

Previously I wrote about stock photography. Well, now you might be confused what is microstock photography? Microstock photography is part of stock photography. Here is the definition of microstock photography:

Microstock Photography according to Wikipedia: 

(1) source their images almost exclusively via the Internet,

(2) do this with a wider range of photographers than traditional agencies (including a willingness to accept “amateur” and amateur images), and

(3) sell their images at a very low price (between $ 0.20 and $ 10) for a royalty free (RF) image.

The existence of microstock sites allows hobbyists to join the stock photography industry and this opens up new revenue opportunities for us. Dreamstime is one of those microstock agencies where we can submit our photos for sale.

Signing up for Dreamstime is simple, but the approval or success rate of your photos ultimately depends on your photography skills and Dreamstime’s approval. If your photos are accepted you will earn money according to the Dreamstime payout table below.

Dreamsime payout table

The amount you can make increases with the number of downloads. The more people upload your photos, the more money you can make with Dreamstime. It is therefore the first microstock photo agency that I write about. I will write about other microstock photo agencies soon.

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