How did a Local Businessman get 21 restaurant owners to pay him $189 per month each in just 2 months?

How did a local businessman get 21 restaurant owners to pay him $ 189 per month each, in just 2 months?

How about that for a CRACKING business, it’s already done in a big American city.

There are literally thousands of local restaurants in every major city, and anyone with minimal online marketing experience can do something similar.

This local businessman provides video marketing service for local restaurants, whereby he can rank local restaurants on the first page of Google for local searches. Now, exactly how he does this is beyond the scope of this short tip, but there are many products available online to teach you how to do it.

Here’s what he did to get 21 restaurateurs to pay him $ 189 per month, it was done in just two months. He compiles a simple two-minute video of the restaurant, showing both the exterior and the interior.

Also, if the restaurant allows it, it will show some of the local dishes served by the restaurant.

The video can be taken either in the standard format or as a high resolution slideshow, which is then turned into a video presentation. Nothing too complicated, just a high quality video with very nice images.

It will then upload the video to You tube. It makes sure the video has a keyword rich title, with lots of tags associated with it, then will add its own restaurant review in the description, linking the restaurant’s location, Facebook fan page, etc.

On You Tube you can also select the You Tube map, indicating the location where you downloaded the video from, this can basically help geotag the video, although there is no real evidence that this helps really in the ranking.

He also includes in every video, in a few quick frames – HIS own business name, logo, website, and phone number. By doing this, he no longer needs to make cold calls to do business.

Now we all know that local businesses are “spying on each other”. They want to know which competitor is doing what, both online and offline, so that you can see – it doesn’t take long before local restaurants are calling to take advantage of this service.

In just two months, he managed to get 21 local restaurants to each pay him a recurring amount – $ 189 per month, so what exactly are they getting for $ 189 per month?


For $ 189 / month, it provides video creation and supports video (i.e. backlinks etc) to maintain its ranking on the first page of search results every month. He will also create a new video for the restaurant every 6 months.

So to shoot 21 local videos, besides applying some SEO skills online, he now has $ 3969 coming up EVERY month… If you can get 21 clients in 2 months, it COULD be over 100 or more in just 12 months. Think about it, it’s $ 18,900 per MONTH! (and climbing)

Of course, you can also sell these local customers, many other web related services, for example – onsite SEO, email marketing, pay per click, as well as other forms of online video marketing, copywriting. ‘articles, social networks on sites like Facebook etc.

That’s just the Iceberg TIP, – how many local services in any DOMAIN are out there just waiting for you to come and help them get more customers … it’s a world of dog eats dog (pardon the pun!) .. people are willing to pay BIG Bucks to get good rankings on google .. locally.

We all know that with a simple basic understanding of internet marketing, we probably already know over 97% of local business people about online marketing. So, let’s take care …

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